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The episode opens with up some of the ladies are talking about Olivia bragging she spent over forty grand on her clothes.

On the other side of the mansion, Olivia is sharing details about her “relationship” with Ben.

When all the girls are together, Chris Harrison announces there will be two one on one dates and one group date. Notice it’s week three and already there are women extremely over confident about what they believe to be a solid relationship with Ben.

The first date card arrives for Lauren B. and it reads “sky’s the limit”. Of course it has something to do with the air. As she prepares for her date and Ben arrives to pick her up, on their way to their destination, Ms. Flight Attendant figures out they are heading to an airport and what awaits is a single engine plane, the type of plans which does trick fly sideways.

While they are on the plane, sharing kisses and enjoying the view of the City of Angels, the plane flies over the mansion, a great jab at the other girls namely Olivia and Jubilee who believe they have something more tangible with Ben and they don’t. Such a heart wrenching moment to see the jealousy in all of their eyes, as they wished they were the ones on the plane with Ben [boo hoo].

Back at the house Caila, after having witness the plane date, is having a “reality check” sharing with one of the girls, Ben has the option to choose anyone of the others or even fall in love. However she is willing to go through the process and she is happy she is there. Well, that’s mighty brave and humbling of her.

Thinking of last week’s episode, even though Ben didn’t spend time with Lauren B., he made it a point to give her a photograph of them together when they first met and now together on their one on one are showing strong signs of she may be the one he chooses in the end. I believe in my last post I said she will be one of the four. Also he has a strong connection with Caila. I don’t see it with Olivia and certainly not with Lace and Jubilee.

And while their date is going all so well, lots of  kisses and those intimate moments displayed for all the cameras to catch, on his interview Ben mentions he doesn’t want to dive in to quickly with Lauren however, the way they are both behaving on the date, I don’t see any reason why he should digress. (This is the part that throws me every time. Guys, if you like someone, just go for it, stop making excuses!)

Back at the house, the group date card arrives and reads as follows: Amanda, Hayley, Jennifer, Shoshana, Leah, Amber, Lauren H, Olivia, Jaime, Rachel, Lace, and Emily.

Jubilee is convinced not being on the group date will get the one on one.

Back at the Lauren and Ben date, after she shares her family life, the attributes her dad possess and why it’s important for her to marry a man with the same values, Ben shares the history of his Dad’s heath issues, having triple bypass surgery and realizing the depth of the relationship his parents have, being it more than just his parents. After an awkward moment, after Lauren made a comment about the rose on the table, he then picks up the rose, offers it to her and of course she says yes.

The date ends with another country band singing love songs with Ben and Lauren caught up in an intense love moment. I would be surprised if she isn’t the one he walks away with at the end, unless it was Caila. I think I have my two narrowed down.

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The Bachelor @BenHiggi Lace Bound #RescindtheRose

Now with the group of women chosen, Ben will begin the dating process, choosing his group dates and one on one dates.

Lace talks about the episode previous how that wasn’t herself being she was little drunk and emotional, “let’s start over with the date card and her one on one”.

I’m not buying the drunken story. If you’re there to find love you shouldn’t be getting drunk, Lace. SMH.

The date card arrives and it’s the first group date:

Jackie, L.B., Becca, Amber, Lauren H., Mandi, JoJo, Jubilee, Jennifer and Lace (so much for the one on one).

Lace is a little bit ahead of herself, however with that go getter attitude, she will do well on a porn set.

The first group date mimics a school. Chris Harrison tells the ladies they will be going to class and there will be four classes which all will be in four teams after class one group will be eliminated but one will be the home coming queen which I’m gathering will be the one on one date.

The classes were as follows: Science, apple picking, geography and gym. Jubilee and Lace were both out for the science project, sadly Becca lost out on the geography. It came down to Mandi and Becca on a track race to see who would win the one on one time. Mandi had the best intentions and she won the home coming. Amber once again, in the land of disappointment being so close and not winning.

After his one on one time with Mandi, all the women meet up for the mini cocktails hour and spend time with one on one with Ben=Ben talks to Becca about her being there and taking a risk, and they seem to have a connection, however talking with Jennifer, they didn’t waste time in kissing which upset Lace.

While the girls are on their group date, a new date card comes in and Caila gets the one on one date with Ben.

Back to the girls, all are bummed out because Jennifer kissed him and while Ben was talking to Mandi, Lace interrupts their time so she can talk to him. One of the things she brings up is how she came off the night before and apologized (because she’s a crazed idiot). Ben acknowledges her apology but also raises concerns about her behavior. For some reason she didn’t catch that, she understood him as being forgiving.  Eye contact seems very important. And while Lace was in la la land believing they were in some moment about to kiss Jubilee comes in and “ruins” the moment. LOL.

Has anyone seen Unreal? Once you watch that show, you will never view The Bachelor ever the same.

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Keeping My Options Open…

henotintoEver meet someone and think, wow this may be a person I can hang out with and see where it goes. Then you start talking and that statement comes out, “I’m not looking to be in a relationship”.

I’ve heard this before. I once dated a very sexy attorney who said the same thing and for eight months we spent a lot of time together. We went out to dinners, lunch, to his place of course.

I’ve spent weekends with him, but after eight months, the statement still stood, “I’m not looking to be in a relationship”.

And with that, after an argument we had, an emailed titled “Us”, before I opened it, I knew it was over. I didn’t cry. I expected it. He was a great man. I don’t have a bad thing to say about him. I really don’t. But he wanted to play the field and I wasn’t there in my life to be with someone I had to share, that is till a few months I met someone else, but that’s another story for another time.

Anyway, so back to the “new” guy. We met towards the end of summer, he was a “newbie” to our dog run and my neighbor noticed he was checking me out. To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure if he was, I wasn’t sure if he was straight but he is LOL.

After running into each other several times and talking, we both learned, we are single (good start), we have similar values and belief systems, we both like to laugh and joke a lot, however there a holes in this “developing relationship”.

For someone who says they are interested, the behavior doesn’t match up. Sure he knows about me and my magazine, interviews, etc but how does that affect how we interact with each other, it doesn’t seem to get in the way of who we are as individuals. And for someone who says he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, doesn’t act like he’s attracted to me either, words, like “my hang out buddy”, isn’t something that leads to anything romantic, at least not in my book.

The awkward hugs, the let’s get together and meet up at the dog run and hang out isn’t my idea of getting to know one other while my dogs are freezing out in the cold (and me too), what about diner time, talking in a place where we won’t get thrown out right away. Nope, that’s not happening. Any phone calls during the day, no, but I get texts periodically. Some days are more than others when he’s talking about projects and skit writing he suddenly wants to do.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?

Other than someone I can relate to in writing scripts or books, there isn’t really anything else there other than wishful thinking.

Last night I asked him if he was attracted to me. His response was yes, but he’s reserved because he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. And he also said, “if I wasn’t attracted to you, I wouldn’t be here with you right now”.

Well I feel better already [sarcasm].

That feeling creeps over, “what is wrong with me”.

Disappointed? Yes.

However, I know what I’m looking for. It’s not to spend another eight months with someone and get hurt in the end.

When a man says he’s not looking to be in a relationship, believe him. The worst thing in the world is to know a man doesn’t feel you are deserving enough to spend time with.

Keep your self esteem because there’s someone out there who will appreciate you for it.

Moving on…

Until then.

Love and Hugs,
Marabelle Blue

#TheBachelor @benhiggi

Here we are~ A New Year has just begun and ABC wastes no time in premiering the Bachelor Ben Higgins from the Kaitlyn season. Surprisingly Ben was one of the last men standing (not sure why) there seemed to be a lack of personality there and with all the good looking men who were in her season, why choose Ben?

Anyway, I’m trying something new. I weaned myself off cable and no longer have the opportunity to watch live television. With an array of streaming applications where you can watch all of your favorite shows on your own time, I have to say, it sucks just a little bit.

I’m not able to catch up on the Housewives because Bravo hasn’t gotten with the programming of steaming unless you want to watch last season’s bullshit and who wants to blog about something that happened last year? Bye Felicia.

As always the intro starts off with shades of love on the water, in a boat, on some kind of a warm island, or on some kind of ride, followed by tears of women who barely know him or claiming they put their whole life on hold, yada yada yada. Oh lest not forget the “bitch” or “evil doer” of the show, “he’s my husband, he just hasn’t figure it out yet” type…..and the one who has a panic attack and guess what she won’t need the paramedics all she will need is Ben to sweep her off her feet. #Pathetic

Ben’s background, simple, from Warsaw, Indiana, small town where everyone knows each other, probably some Christian town…blah and on top of that he can’t find anyone from his own town?

Ben has this fake and mediocre conversation with his parents who have been together for the last thirty five years. One of the main topics discussed was Ben’s fears of being unlovable, which was something he bought up in the Kaitlyn season.

Hey Ben, try being my age and still not finding someone decent to have simple conversations with, without pulling teeth or begging for affection. Believe me you will find someone to love before I do. LOL.

Now with the Bachelor family growing, it seems they invite other Bachelors to “advise” on how to deal with this type of “reality” situation.

 Who do they bring back? Farmer Chris Soules (who broke up with his self centered girlfriend Whitney Bischoff), Jason Mesnick who at the end picked Melissa the one he really didn’t want over Molly but I guess to make the producers happy he gave them what they wanted. However in the reunion he told Melissa he was not the least bit interested in her and asked for Molly back. (What a happy reunion). Sean Lowe who married Catherine, discussed how he fell in love with her towards the end of the show (which was true). My question was why Farmer Chris was there. Clearly he picked the wrong woman. I don’t think their relationship lasted more than a week. (of course I’m being sarcastic) but if you recall, he had more of a relationship with Brit while the other girls were just hanging out watching this relationship flourish before them. #Confused

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