The Bachelor @BenHiggi Lace Bound #RescindtheRose

Now with the group of women chosen, Ben will begin the dating process, choosing his group dates and one on one dates.

Lace talks about the episode previous how that wasn’t herself being she was little drunk and emotional, “let’s start over with the date card and her one on one”.

I’m not buying the drunken story. If you’re there to find love you shouldn’t be getting drunk, Lace. SMH.

The date card arrives and it’s the first group date:

Jackie, L.B., Becca, Amber, Lauren H., Mandi, JoJo, Jubilee, Jennifer and Lace (so much for the one on one).

Lace is a little bit ahead of herself, however with that go getter attitude, she will do well on a porn set.

The first group date mimics a school. Chris Harrison tells the ladies they will be going to class and there will be four classes which all will be in four teams after class one group will be eliminated but one will be the home coming queen which I’m gathering will be the one on one date.

The classes were as follows: Science, apple picking, geography and gym. Jubilee and Lace were both out for the science project, sadly Becca lost out on the geography. It came down to Mandi and Becca on a track race to see who would win the one on one time. Mandi had the best intentions and she won the home coming. Amber once again, in the land of disappointment being so close and not winning.

After his one on one time with Mandi, all the women meet up for the mini cocktails hour and spend time with one on one with Ben=Ben talks to Becca about her being there and taking a risk, and they seem to have a connection, however talking with Jennifer, they didn’t waste time in kissing which upset Lace.

While the girls are on their group date, a new date card comes in and Caila gets the one on one date with Ben.

Back to the girls, all are bummed out because Jennifer kissed him and while Ben was talking to Mandi, Lace interrupts their time so she can talk to him. One of the things she brings up is how she came off the night before and apologized (because she’s a crazed idiot). Ben acknowledges her apology but also raises concerns about her behavior. For some reason she didn’t catch that, she understood him as being forgiving.  Eye contact seems very important. And while Lace was in la la land believing they were in some moment about to kiss Jubilee comes in and “ruins” the moment. LOL.

Has anyone seen Unreal? Once you watch that show, you will never view The Bachelor ever the same.

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