Greatest place to have bomb ass sex

The new Yankee Stadium, there’s nothing like laying in a open field on green where I can scream my ass off when I cum…

Whatever your heart desires…

Being naughty

I have to say that I’ve been keeping a secret about someone and it’s something that I cannot disclose. However, I can say and that I have very dirty fantasies about this person as I’m sure every woman I know following him does. I only hope that he realizes that a lot of the women hitting on him is just out for personal gain and nothing more than that. For me it’s more of lust and a strong interest of relationship. I have had dirty texts with him and I want to be able to live out those dirty fantasies with him. I envision myself straddling on top of him, sticking my tongue way deep down his mouth as I grind on top of him. I remember meeting him once before and his scent drove me insane and it was the scent only a woman can smell and it will only give off to the woman he wants.  I want to ride him and feel him deep inside of me. The thoughts drive me crazy.

On the flip side to my fantasy thoughts about this man, I contacted someone today that maybe I shouldn’t have contacted. But I am missing and craving the touch of a man it’s been so long. I know that this person will fulfill some of the fantasy but for me it will solely be a fantasy and nothing more. For him it’s more than just that….and I have to tread carefully with this one. He does know how to please me and serve me. If the snow is not so bad, perhaps I will see him. I’m not sure yet. There’s work to be done and so little time for play.

I don’t keep in contact with him for the sole reason is that he is in love with me and I’m not in love with him but when I do contact him, he wastes no time in responding and that’s what I like in a man. I have very little patience for men who think they are who they are and I’m here waiting for them.

Let it be known, I wait for no man….

Until then. Loves and Hugs,


Why a foot fetish?

I have been into feet for as long as I can remember. The nicer the foot, you know the person cares about their feet. Narly feet are nasty and it makes me think that if you can’t take care of your feet, you’re not taking care of anything else on your body. I think, for me, feet are mostly covered up on the outside, and when you’re alone with your partner there’s nothing like rubbing your smooth feet against someone else legs, they speak so much when you’re intimate with your partner.

Whatever your heart desires…

Why is it that heels make legs look so sexy?

Answering my own question….high heel shoes are sexy and when you walk with confidence they give your legs that look that everyone craves for. Doesn’t matter how big your legs are, as long as you know how to walk in them. Most importantly don’t fall down.

Whatever your heart desires…

Whatever your heart desires, ask me…

Getting to know me…

For many years now I’ve kept a blog on – it’s been a place that I have used for quite sometime where I have documented my relationships and my heartaches, along with everything else.

This blog will be a bit of a different feel. I will discuss my tails of fetishes and sessions, what happened and how it made me feel.

I want anyone reading this to feel they are in my world, exploring themselves as they read my adventures of fetishes and erotica. This is a place you come to enjoy yourself. Enter my world of erotica, foot pleasures and a little pain, maybe some biting. I won’t hurt you, I promise. Enjoy. 😉

Until then. Loves and Hugs.

Take care of you.


Whatever your heart desires…

Welcome to my WordPress World

As an avid blogger since 2000, I will begin blogging here, my loves, my hates, my desires, what it is like running a magazine and much more. I hope you enjoy what you read here and if you don’t that’s okay too. I never wrote to please anyone, it’s my way of letting loose in saying what I want to say. In life you learn it’s not about pleasing others more than pleasing yourself. 😉

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,


Hello world!

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