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The episode opens with up some of the ladies are talking about Olivia bragging she spent over forty grand on her clothes.

On the other side of the mansion, Olivia is sharing details about her “relationship” with Ben.

When all the girls are together, Chris Harrison announces there will be two one on one dates and one group date. Notice it’s week three and already there are women extremely over confident about what they believe to be a solid relationship with Ben.

The first date card arrives for Lauren B. and it reads “sky’s the limit”. Of course it has something to do with the air. As she prepares for her date and Ben arrives to pick her up, on their way to their destination, Ms. Flight Attendant figures out they are heading to an airport and what awaits is a single engine plane, the type of plans which does trick fly sideways.

While they are on the plane, sharing kisses and enjoying the view of the City of Angels, the plane flies over the mansion, a great jab at the other girls namely Olivia and Jubilee who believe they have something more tangible with Ben and they don’t. Such a heart wrenching moment to see the jealousy in all of their eyes, as they wished they were the ones on the plane with Ben [boo hoo].

Back at the house Caila, after having witness the plane date, is having a “reality check” sharing with one of the girls, Ben has the option to choose anyone of the others or even fall in love. However she is willing to go through the process and she is happy she is there. Well, that’s mighty brave and humbling of her.

Thinking of last week’s episode, even though Ben didn’t spend time with Lauren B., he made it a point to give her a photograph of them together when they first met and now together on their one on one are showing strong signs of she may be the one he chooses in the end. I believe in my last post I said she will be one of the four. Also he has a strong connection with Caila. I don’t see it with Olivia and certainly not with Lace and Jubilee.

And while their date is going all so well, lots of  kisses and those intimate moments displayed for all the cameras to catch, on his interview Ben mentions he doesn’t want to dive in to quickly with Lauren however, the way they are both behaving on the date, I don’t see any reason why he should digress. (This is the part that throws me every time. Guys, if you like someone, just go for it, stop making excuses!)

Back at the house, the group date card arrives and reads as follows: Amanda, Hayley, Jennifer, Shoshana, Leah, Amber, Lauren H, Olivia, Jaime, Rachel, Lace, and Emily.

Jubilee is convinced not being on the group date will get the one on one.

Back at the Lauren and Ben date, after she shares her family life, the attributes her dad possess and why it’s important for her to marry a man with the same values, Ben shares the history of his Dad’s heath issues, having triple bypass surgery and realizing the depth of the relationship his parents have, being it more than just his parents. After an awkward moment, after Lauren made a comment about the rose on the table, he then picks up the rose, offers it to her and of course she says yes.

The date ends with another country band singing love songs with Ben and Lauren caught up in an intense love moment. I would be surprised if she isn’t the one he walks away with at the end, unless it was Caila. I think I have my two narrowed down.

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