The New Blue!

As I write this, I’m thinking to myself that I promised to go to bed early. It’s now 2:16 AM and I know these past several weeks I have been really working my ass off.

Lots of changes are happening in my life, thankfully all good. Between the magazine changes and updating my personal site, my visions are finally coming to fruition.

School is almost over and honestly I cannot wait. I’ve thought about taking a break but I know myself too well that my break would be a year long and I really do not want to put off getting my business degree any longer than I already have.

Someone was asking me last night I may need to get a social life. That may be true, but I realized that I don’t have time for one, to be specific, dating. Lots of the men that have been speaking to me are not particular in my “field” of what I like. As many times I may say it in elusive tones, there’s no other way of just saying I like a certain type of flavor of a guy and, well everyone else is just not my flavor…get it?

Probably not. LOL

Needless to say, the idea of sitting on a date and having to talk to a guy and the getting to know me process is just too time consuming.  My neighbor had me laughing this afternoon when she said I just give them a card with her initial statistics….when I think about it, it’s not a bad idea but at the same time, think of the world we live in. In this day and age, everyone is so tech savvy or into their tech devices, who talks anymore?

At times I hate being on my phone, however, for business calls, I need to hear a voice on the phone. Text or emails just won’t cut it.

So as much as I would like to date someone, I think that if I’m sitting across the dinner table, getting to know someone,  I could be spending that time covering ground for the magazine and many other projects I will be working on.

A change that happened this weekend gave me a freedom I have not felt in more than a year. What seemed to be promising fell through with flying colors (yes I’m being sarcastic). The wonderful thing is that many people, like myself, were able to read between the lines and as a result more doors have opened.

I think the thing that amazes me that the motives weren’t pure. Maybe in the beginning but somewhere along the lines the priorities were lost and in that process I became lost of where all of this was going.

If I sound elusive it’s because I am. There is no reason for me to go into detail because the only gives power and acknowledgement where there is none deserved.

The only thing that needs to be acknowledged was that my sanity was salvaged and so was my life commitment.

So with that being said a lot will change.

It’s now 3 am…have to be up in 4 hours.

Until then.

Good night.