Why I called Andy Cohen of Bravo’s WWHL an Idiot

People have a tendency to misconstrued words and equate negative words with the word hate. Last time I checked hate has it’s own separate meaning – hence the reason for this blog. 

Sadly, I fell victim to the Real Housewives saga. Not all of them but most of them. When I started watching Bravo TV it seemed better television. They had a reality show called Blow Out starring Jonathon Atin, a very crude but, on point, hairstylist, who thrived on perfection and expected from anyone who was learning from him or working for him.

I really liked that show because even though we’re talking about a very expensive she-she hair salon that I probably would never go and get my hair done for the same price (at around $40 bucks) – the idea of running a business was the reason why I watched. As a business owner myself, someone who has been interested in opening a spa for many years now, I wanted to get an inside look.

Then there was Tabatha. Another perfectionist who people sought out when their salon was going down. While Tabatha focused on hair salons, suddenly the show changed and had her focus on other business other than salons….hmmm how is that working out for you Bravo? It seems that Tabatha’s show has taken a back seat. 

Then of course we have Flipping Out starring Jeff Lewis. The gay and sexy charismatic man who flipped houses out in California, that is until the market crashed and he turned his business to a design business, and remains successful till this day which much competition.

What is the common ground with all of these shows? They were all about running a business. The do’s and don’ts if you will. Sure, the housewives were there all along, but I guess Bravo decided let’s put the drama in the forefront and lets forget about business worthy things so that way society can stay stuck on dumb and not really learn anything.

While this sounds like I am chastising myself for watching any of the Housewives series, believe me when I tell you, I am far from dumb, and watching a lot of these women who decided to expose their personal lives on television is pretty funny. It’s the “how to” of how NOT to live, how to treat others, and maybe getting an inside of one’s self…and for a lot of people that’s not a bad thing. Hey if you can’t go to therapy there’s always the Housewives right?

Now over to Andy. First I need to say, I do not hate Andy, I am not a “hater” as society has created this “socially accepted” word, I think he’s overrated sure….he can be quite entertaining on his What What Happens Live which I’ve caught several times only because of some of the guests he’s had. But for the most part it’s not on my 11PM EST to do list. 

I think he’s an idiot because he sat there and talked about how he and the Bravo producers don’t condone violence, meanwhile it’s funny how he forgot to mention or even apologize for the “Pajama Party” episode (mmm hmmm ya’ll remember that) when Apollo was punching the shit out of Brandon. 

Now of course they may bring this up on the part three episode, but I just find that Andy does things out of convenience and he picks sides when he should just be the host of the show and nothing more. 

Discarding Porsha and leaving Kenya wasn’t right, BUT look at how all the women went on the attack and no one really sided with her, not even Cynthia who was dropping her dog all over the place when she was at Velvet’s memorial service.

Andy if you’re going to do a talk show, it’s best that you not contradict yourself because it does make you look like an idiot and while I may be a nasty person, some people will regard it as being truthful, even if it does come out in a nasty tone.

I never said I was nice one hundred percent of the time, shit, I never said I was respectful one hundred percent of the time.

Like Andy, I am also part of the media – maybe different money scales but the moral remains the same doesn’t it? Maybe not…maybe I’m wrong. Some media just hits below the belt. Too low maybe. Also not everyone will agree with Andy and not everyone will agree with me.  Just because a million people like something does that mean you’re required to follow the crowd? Whatever happened to standing up for your own beliefs or opinions? (Well I think within reason….)

I’m the media for the Alternative Community. I actually care about my sector and how we grow and represent ourselves. Now while I’m not the only one in the media for the Alt Community (thank goodness), we do have our own selfish idiots as well. Those I don’t take into regard at all. If I want to learn any kind of business sense or commitment, I will read a book, like Richard Branson’s “Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School”. If anyone has read this book and inspires or owns a business, this is an excellent book to read. 

Clearly I’m really not going to get it from Housewives other than just entertainment purposes, like Andy. Do we really expect to learn anything from any of these cast members? Not really?

Remember the operative word is entertainment. We all love a good debate, a good discussion, hell maybe even a good argument but to the two dumbasses that called me names, you’re simply that. A dumbass. (I think they missed out on college).

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,