Jackie Collins RIP

So sad to read just now the queen of one of the best series of novels Chances and Lucky among many others has died. 

Jackie Collins created a character Marabelle Blue. She was one of Gino Santangelo’s girlfriend. Something about that short lived character sang to me at a point in my life I wanted to be someone else other than me. 

I took the name but I didn’t feel empowered until I developed Kink~E Magazine and found my voice. While I may not be the oringinator of this name, Jackie Collins help me find a voice in Marabelle Blue. 

I have all of her books stowed away never wanting to give up any of my collection. 

Thank you Jackie Collins for all of your hard work and beautiful writings and story telling.

Rest in peace. 

Loves and Hugs, 

Marabelle Blue


Ohh Those School Girl Memories

Just a little tidbit…earlier I was at the supermarket, having come back from a consultation for a dreaded procedure thanks to some stomach issues I’ve been having the last week.

Playing on their #Sirius radio was REO Speedwagon, “Keep on Loving you” – boy that bought back so many good memories, it made me smile from ear to ear.

The other song they sing which is near and dear to me which, “Can’t Fight this Feeling”.

It reminds me of a time in high school where I realized Alternative lifestyle was real through a guy who was gay but kept it hidden from all of us. I never knew he was gay until one day he shared with me during a charms blow pop lesson on how to give blow jobs (yes this story is true)

It was a pivotal moment in his life when he realized he liked someone so much and was struggling with this song came about when he repeated the lyrics to me and how true they felt for him.

REO Speedwagon may have been talking about a fallen love in this song but to this guy, the words represented something so different and so real. The struggle of being a teenager in the 80s and having feelings for a guy when the world was dictating to him normal relationships were with woman.

Times have changed and the lyrics still stand.

Every time I hear this song, it always leaves me wondering what happened to my friend. Did he ever find love? Was he able to finally able to express those feelings and not fight them anymore.

Sometimes the world is a cruel place. Especially when the internal struggle is in a world that tells you loving a person who has the same anatomy as you is wrong.

I’m glad that song gave him solace to know he wasn’t alone in what he felt.

I may have not known it then, but the paths were leading me to a magazine I would create, a platform for people to sound their voices. Even if people don’t stay in your lives forever, their journey will always leave an impression on you.

Long live the lyrics of REO Speedwagon!


Loves and Hugs,