Bored but Keeping the Mind Occupied

Occupy! The word that became famous this summer when everyone who lost a job got fed up and rounded up the people to Occupy Wall Street, thus blaming the “financiers” of wall street shitting on the working class by stealing.

Funny….as in strange okay.

So while I occupy my own mind in the fantasies of my own riches, I slave away working on my site, revising and revising, I’m really bored right now. 

Even as I watch Liz and Dick, there isn’t anything right now that makes me excited or anything to look forward to other than the waiting game of everything coming together. 

And then when everything does come together and I’m rich, will I be bored, again…


Ladies, ever had a moment when you’re feeling sorry for yourself (admit you have those moments) and you think of a past relationship. That one….yes the one that left you wondering where it went wrong when there was nothing but deep love.

The one where you saved special emails that you read every day until you didn’t read them anymore and then you have those moments, like now, when you read one and it brings you back to that moment in time.

Love so hard sometimes not deserving of your heart.




Learning the Values in buidling Business Relationships

It sucks that there isn’t enough time in the day for me to blog. While I keep my tumblr account on a more sensual level – this blog is based more on my day to day life and dealings with others, especially in the name of business.

I recently had the unpleasant experience of having to deal with very inexperienced people trying to break into the adult industry.

Having a deep discussion with a confident, I made a reference to one of them as a little worker ant. While anyone may find this offense, think of how hard a worker ant works.

Haven’t we been all there? Working our way up to the “top”, wherever that top may be?

Being a little worker ant signifies that we try every day to be better, to learn our craft, manage our business and most important, respect others.

Then of course you have those that think that by sticking by you will help them work their way up faster.

I have yet to learn of any short cuts when it comes to business unless you’re a thief or a good talker. Both will get you no where fast and while I’m happy to help by supporting and advising, none of these come for free after a while.

While I may be alone in most of my decision making in my business, I certainly don’t make decisions out of my own accord. I reach out to people who are just as effective in their own business. People that I respect!

While all of my decisions about people I tend to deal with haven’t been the best, I can safely say that the time span of finding out how full of shit they are has gotten shorter so in the positive light of this lesson that I’ve learned, no major time was invested, therefore there was no major loss.

I hope that as I approach 2013 – the choices of business associates will only get better.

Until then.