Are Some Relationships Salvageable?

There are two sides to every story. Then people began adding there are two sides and then there’s the truth.

I think some relationships can salvageable be depending on the situation and depending on both parties desire to make the relationship work. But what if one person was deceitful from the beginning? Does that person deserve a second chance?

Deceit is a dishonest act or statement. Does that included maybe lying about your age? Lying about your income? Well maybe if two people are dating, perhaps sharing your income on your first date is not a good idea, but maybe telling your real age is a good idea. Why lie about that?

And if someone lies about something so small like that what is the probability they will lie about something else, maybe something bigger?

I’m writing this because something occurred recently with one of my friends that decided to give such person a second chance, even though he may have temporarily forgotten her name.

Ladies of the world, where does your worth stand?

I have such high standards that it would frighten me that the person that was pursuing me would forget my name and not for a day but for weeks.

My last posting about not needing a hero has exposed at least one person’s ulterior motives and confirmed that his emails and phone calls were not something of “friendly calls or emails” in relations to our “troubled” relationships but more of lets see what I can offer her to get her into my bed. (For the record I spoke to him once regarding a business opportunity. The second time he called I brushed him off and told him I was busy since I wasn’t answering his emails).

It’s so sad that at any age a man is still playing these types of games. What’s even more sad that women just succumb to the game because they would rather have someone with them than be alone.

I cannot and choose not to live that way.

While some people may believe to give up or give in, there are some things that are just not appealing, it’s called insanity.

Am I wrong for being so finicky? Am I wrong for thinking that my friend is insane for keeping a man who represented himself in a deceitful manner and then believe that the person he is now in reintroduction is the real person?

One of the famous Maya Angelou quotes simply stated:

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.
Maya Angelou

While we all have our downfalls and character defects, these are things that can be correctable, but when you are just an outright liar or represent yourself in a deceitful manner are you really that deserving?

Everyone has free will. I do too. The day those crying of tears phone calls come in saying what did I get myself into….and my  free will of not answering the phone.

Come correct the first time all the time.

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,


Didn’t Ask for a Hero

Since I went and opened by big mouth on my break up I found there were lots of losers who were standing in line to date me.

“But Marabelle for real why are yet losers”

Mostly all of the men that have asked me out are currently in relationships. Oh wait, “it’s complicated”.

Why on earth?

Where are the men that respect their women enough to say its not working.

Men who believe they relate to my pain will find themselves in my bed fucking me will live that fantasy for the rest of the lives. What a lot of people don’t know and will know now I can go for long periods of abstinence. I don’t have to have sex. Especially in this day and age where no one cleans themselves properly. I’m a bit of a germaphob. Well a lot. So most men gross me out.

Here’s just a short list of unacceptable qualities: broken teeth, extreme of being overweight where you can’t breath, I don’t want a muscle man but you have to be some what fit, rude behavior, too serious, quick to anger definitely a big NO.

The one thing I see that disturbs most men that they too have is called preference.

I only date white guys. I have zero interested in other races. Not even my own kind.

Sounds harsh doesn’t it? But it’s true. Men do it all the time but they don’t have the balls to say it out loud. If they do they will just be regarded as more than just a dog.

There will always be a “war”, if you will, between men and women with relationships and break ups. But….there will always be love.

We must all believe the right one is out there. I do believe that. I’m also not a fool like most men I’ve encountered think I am.

I’m not available for sex because a man wants to say they had sex with Marabelle Blue.

I’m also not available to slimy men who’s ulterior motives are to try and win me through my business. I’ve dedicated my life to my magazine and while maybe it has cost me to find my one true love it will never take away or lower the standards of what I look for in man.

So men if you’re in a relationship that’s not working its time to be honest with the one you love and yourself.

Rebound is never an answer or the answer. Respect yourself an people will respect you back.

I have made my sacrifices in past relationships that are noted in my autobiography (I hope you love my book).

But today some of those sacrifices I probably won’t live again because of the emotional toll.

My first and foremost importance is to remain happy. Not find happiness. Happiness or being happy should always be a part of your life and if its not ask yourself why. Then….

Change it.

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,

PS: Guys on FB stop emailing me asking me if I’m all right. LOL I don’t need your help for every post I put up.

A Month Later

So I have to say this first. My trip to Boston was the best. After more than a year long courtship Robert was everything and more in what I was looking for in a man.

I think the first mistake I made was posting our pic on Facebook. The demon of the demise of relationship.

When I left we were not stop talking to each other….on Facebook.

I wasn’t too happy about our form of communication. I have had better communication with married men. Needless to say I did my best until it got the better of me.

One day missing him terribly I wrote a note in a card and mailed it to him. The next day or so lingering around FB I noticed there was activity on his page. Thinking at some point I would hear from him I didn’t and exploded.

Why the fuck….

Of course the day he gets the lovey dovey card is the day he decides to log in and sees my explosive email, which leads into this argument and then the “demise” of our relationship. Why did I put demise in quotation marks….because I don’t believe our relationship is over. We’ve had this argument before and he didn’t talk to me for months and this was before we met.

How many times did I explain that FB is not the place to maintain any form of communication in a relationship.

How many times I made suggestions on different ways to contact me.

How many times have we gotten into someone writing on my wall I have no interest in but I make on inquiry about someone on his page and I’m dead wrong all the way with no way of redeeming myself.

Yes if you’re reading this and thinking, ” this is immature”, you’re right….it is.

Robert is younger than me. While people try to rectify his behavior by his age I just find that certain things don’t rely on age but the level of maturity one has.

I would have never ran out of patience because I loved him and yes he loved me too.

So while it sucks that we are in this cycle of immature tactics and behavior I’m feeling bitter, unhappy and depressed.

I was so happy with Robert and without him I am not. Is this what love is? I forgot. The last time I was in love was in 2008. And who I called Mountain Man in my Bravenet blog that was a deep love that took years to recover from. I wonder at times if I have.

My life is different since I broke up with Mountain Man. There’s no going back although I have had visions of running into him what would happen. Would those feelings creep back. God I hope not. Maybe it’s a good thing that after all of this time that I don’t ever see him again.

However with Robert I feel completely different. I feel like I’m one half. I am still a whole woman but I’m missing my partner. The one that made me believe in love again. His kisses right now are just a memory hoping that one day soon I get to kiss him again.

The last email I sent Robert I poured my heart out. He read it 4/20 with no response….

So…what else is there to say other than I’m not interested in any man. No one stands up. If anyone thinks its so easy to find someone it’s not. There are plenty of men that try to talk to me. None of which hold any candle to what I’m looking for in a man. There’s only one.

I’m sad, depressed and all those negative feelings that come with missing someone.

I’m not perfect. I know that. But I also know I don’t deserve the I love you one day and let’s be friends the next day.

I deserve better. Always.