On the Eve of Andi’s Choice – The Bachelorette Finale

It’s 8PM here in NYC and the Bachelorette is on however I am not watching at this moment. But I wanted to put a quick blog together. 

The choice I believe that Andi will make tonight is Josh.

It was confirmed to me once she got rid of Marcus. 

The reason why I think Josh…because she hung on to that man like white on rice. Plus how to remain in the spotlight? 

Keep a man who’s brother is joining the NFL.

Eric was right all along.

R,I.P. Eric HIll – thank goodness you didn’t find love in Andi.

Andi – shame BUT we all gravitate to who we are.

You and Josh deserve each other. 😉

Why Women Make Fucked up Choices – Viewing the World Through Andi’s Eyes


Chris Harrison calls everyone in to share some news. There’s an unusual silence as they wait for Andi. In her usual manner she hugs all the guys in the room and Chris shares with them that Eric Hill was in a serious accident and died as a result of his injuries.

While everyone was overcome with emotion, Marcus leaves the room and goes outside and Andi trots after him. Then she tells him to lets go inside and do this together.

Josh was quiet the whole time saying nothing but rocking back and forth like he was in a mental institution.

When all of the sudden the camera crew comes in and one of them consoles Andi because of the last conversation she had with Eric Hill.

Now lets touch on that conversation. Eric Hill said some really horrible things to her about being phony and doing things for the camera.

I hate to say this but so true!!! Yes Eric Hill was right.

Why?  Look at who she picked as the last three. Why bother with Marcus who’s a great solid guy who can give her the world. Let’s stick with prestige, staying in front of the camera and staying in front of the limelight.

Didn’t I mentioned this in one of my other blogs with Meredith and Ian. She only picked Ian for the looks and prestige there was nothing there. The relationship was empty.

After seeing the chosen three, I suspected who she would pick is Josh.

Why Josh? Think of how she got rid of Eric Hill. She had a connection with him early on but the more she got to know Josh and whatever she can get out of him, that was her way to keep him around and get rid of potential good guys around.

Think about it…if Eric Hill had gotten roses he wouldn’t have gone on any trips and died. Yeah it’s a fucked up way of thinking but this is a perfect example of why women like Andi are fucked up in the head. It doesn’t matter if she has a great career as an District Attorney.  It doesn’t make her smart or an expert of being in love.

Why do we fall in love with anyone? What are the attributes that someone has that makes up fall in love. I mean truly in love!

It’s not just about their looks but what is inside.

Andi doesn’t see anything but the prestige of one, which is Josh. Knowing that his brother will be joining the NFL will keep her in the spotlight…or so she thinks. Why keep a guy that can give you a great life and be the love that’s deserving of you.

At least that’s what I would want.

I believe Andi made a very poor choice. Really why keep Farmer Chris. While there’s nothing wrong with him we all know he will be the next guy to go home.

I remember reading a comment on someone saying that Andi doesn’t deserve Chris…yes they are right. She also does not deserve Marcus. Andi is truly a fucked up woman in the head….she will continue to pursue what she always had because deep down inside she does not believe she cannot get any better.

Our social age has given us a pair of rose colored glasses to see only the things that the media wants to show us never realizing that some things are just a plain old lie and you won’t find out till you’re all wrapped up in the bullshit.

We live in a sad world of fakes and phonies and The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is no different.

So I believe who she chooses in the end is who she rightly deserves to be with. It’s too bad that Eric Hill was not alive to express his opinion because he would have been right about Andi all along. 

The Bachelorette – Episode Eight Hometown Dates

The Bachelorette – Episode 8 – Hometown Dates

hometown dates

Andi meets the family of Nick V. Big family first and foremost. This is the time where you get to see the true colors when someone is in their own element.

Andi has a conversation with one of Nick’s sisters regarding his love life and wondering if Andi’s intentions. While she seemed worried at first, it was more emotional on her part gathering that she wants the best for her brother.

There isn’t really much I can say about this hometown date other than it seemed superficial. The father takes Andi to have a conversation but that conversation was not aired…

Then we skip over to Nick and his mom who have a conversation about Andi and how he really feels. Clearly Nick is a broken soul and this is what I see. I don’t see anyone with ill intentions more like a person who is guarded. Which makes sense of his behavior and the arrogance is a cover of how he feels.

On her next date with Farmer Chris who literally lives in the middle of nowhere. But I have to say, I was much impressed with Chris’ house. WOW! He has the hook up!!!!

But…he lives in the middle of nowhere.

After their tractor ride in the middle of his farmland they discuss who she is going to meet and talk about what how she can practice law on that side of town. I think her asking those questions are rightly so but when he offered the town nearby it was as almost if the problem was solved.

Look, let’s put some reality into reality television. We all know that a D.A. will not move into the middle of nowhere. Not for nothing that’s a hard life if you’re used to being around people or having to work around people all the time. While I understand what his mother was saying we all know that Andi will not being marrying Chris.

Moving on to the next date Josh. Now while personally he is not my favorite, it has become clear that he’s Andi’s favorite. Of course he takes her out to the baseball field. Josh started talking about his brother Aaron being drafted and it seems that the relationship is more about his brother than anything else. When Josh teared up seeing his family I was not amused at all. Fake fake FAKE!

The conversation was about football and Aaron’s draft. Forget that Andi is there and why she was meeting his family. The NFL is much more important. I think Andi making excuses for him was just that. When you spend your time with someone that is not worth your time, you make excuses for him. In talking with his mother, it seems that everything relating to her relationship with Josh relates to everyone else. When she was talking to his dad it was the same thing. It was about will you be available to attend Aaron’s game.

Andi, keep dreaming if you’re thinking you will have a family and do things apart from his family. He ain’t cutting the cord anytime soon.

I do not believe that Josh is falling in love with her like he told his mom. This is about having the “perfect” Barbie and that’s all she is.

Moving on her fourth and final date with Marcus and while Andi is clear that Marcus is in love with her, Andi is asking herself if she can catch up with those feelings. Catch up? So you’re falling in love or not…hello this is hometown dates. What the fuck is she talking about catch up? If you’re not feeling that way why the fuck did you pick him for the hometown?

Marcus reenacted his Officer and a Gentleman strip dance which was actually very nice.

Andi talking to Marcus’ sister Kathy was very confusing. She’s talking about Marcus’ feelings and falling in love so fast but yet liking that he’s forward about his feelings and how she needs to catch up on those feelings. But yet Andi kept Josh because she was waiting for him to “catch up”.

I’m not the Bachelorette and I don’t ever foresee myself in such a stupid situation. I would like to date one guy that would take me around the world and back. I think Andi going on these hometowns and meeting these families and basically being full of shit because she knows at the end of the day one is going home and she’s pretty much made up her mind on who is going home.

In this episode Chris Harrison shares of Eric Hill’s death which I will discuss in a separate blog.

So I will skip that part and move on to the rose ceremony on what happens.

I was truly shocked. As she handed out the roses, first one being Josh, the other Chris (why Chris?) and when it went down to Nick and Marcus, I’m sure everyone was swearing that Nick was the one that was going home and Marcus would get the rose….nope. Not at all.

So while I was screaming at the television, here is the reason why I believe Andi picked the guys that she picked.

Read post https://marabelleblue.wordpress.com/2014/07/14/why-women-make-fucked-up-choices-viewing-the-world-through-andis-eyes/

The Bachelorette – Episode Seven – The Week Before Hometown

The Week Before Hometown Dates – The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman

So this week on Andi’s adventures of possibly taking the wrong guys to hometown dates, the guys left are Nick, Josh, Marcus, Farmer Chris, school teacher Brian and Dylan .

Chris Harrison informs them how the games begin. Two one on one dates and a group date with offering only a rose on the group date.

The first date card is with Marcus who I believed will be the two guys standing (I’ve already watched the hometowns so I know what happens) but moving on….

Let’s review. Andi seems to be really into Marcus as they walked around Brussels. One of the things that she says that she says that she wanted to know how it is to walk down the street with him in “every day life”….Andi I have news for you. Unless you’re just fucking rich travelling around the world, walking around Brussels is not everyday life.

Another thing that was disturbing is that why she is bringing up something that happened weeks ago that Marcus had shared with her that he was thinking about leaving. Didn’t we surpass that?

That reminds me a situation I was in with someone who mentioned something that happened months ago (without getting into details). That’s just an ASSHOLE thing to do. Why bring up something that’s been dead and stinking for months.

Now as a woman and I must say this, YES I have been one to throw things that happened months ago, most times to prove a point. But in situations like these, if Andi was really concerned she should have addressed it right then and there and not sit there and ponder weeks later in thinking, “hey he wanted to leave, now I don’t know”, but you don’t have a problem sticking your tongue down his throat.

Moving on, the next date card comes in and thinking it’s the group date, it was the next one and one date with Josh. Of course his arrogant ass was ranting how happy he was, blah blah blah.

Now while Andi keeps expressing these concerns about Josh, because this was the type of guy that she has always gone out with and has never worked out why keep bothering?

Marcus came back from his date and while he’s talking about where all of the dates are going and the sense he’s getting, Nick walks out and sneaks off to Andi’s room. Yep she went and broke the rules and want out for a short make out walk with Nick and talked about all these feelings she felt with him. Words like, passion, hot…..and “every time we kiss it’s like I know exactly what he’s thinking”.

On her date with Josh, Andi talked about how she wishes Josh would catch up in expressing his feelings like the other guys have.

I don’t know can anyone possibly fall in love in seven weeks? That’s less than two months. I haven’t been in love since 2008/2009 (when my relationship ended). Sad to say that I’m still in love with him so I don’t know BUT I still believe when it comes to the Bachelor/Bachelorette being in a closed environment, yes I think there can be feelings that can be induced because of the set up.

As for Josh, I think she’s full of shit through and through. If you’re sitting there week seven before hometown dates and you’re concerned about how he feels why take him through the next round?

Isn’t kind of sad how love it still a game?

Josh said things that to me was quite disturbing. “I don’t like you talking to other guys…”, possessive isn’t it? Maybe it’s cute when you’re like fifteen years old and your first boyfriend tells you how he doesn’t like it but when you’re a grown man that’s an entirely different story. He does admit that he’s falling for her but who knows how genuine he really is. Now that he’s said that, it seems to validate what she’s been looking for the whole time.

It’s not enough there are two men that are completely head over heels in love with her it’s this one she was waiting for.

On the group date with Nick, Chris, Farmer Brian and Dylan they literally peddle a ride to a monastery where she clearly states to everyone no kissing in the space of these walls. Farmer Chris and Andi head to some place where they are playing pottery and he goes and starts making out with her.

Then back to Andi and the crew where she states that whoever she gives the rose to will go on with a one on one date and the rest of the guys will go home.

Poor Dylan who wants that rose so bad just does not see this one coming. You don’t even see a one on one with her and Dylan.

I felt like Chris said he was falling in love with her just to get a rose.

Nick seems to be a bit over confident. But at the same time he expresses this uncertainty about her feelings towards him. As soon as he got the rose, there was the over confidence again. I don’t know. He just doesn’t seem sincere.

So the guys run back to the hotel to vent to Marcus and Josh while Andi and Nick spend some time making out and watching fireworks….blah blah blah.

When Nick comes back all the guys are sitting there not saying a word while Josh is sitting there with an attitude shuffling about.

School teacher Brian confronts Nick about his real intentions and he’s not being sincere, because he watched the entire Desiree season so he had one up on how the whole entire process goes.

I’m surprised that no one feels that way about Josh. But here’s the thing about Josh, he’s a man’s man. So he can go under the radar and not be pointed out as a player or has ill intentions. Because Nick let his over confidence ride him, he looks bad and you know what, his intentions may be real.

….even though when he said he was the one that was going to end up with Andi was creepy.

At the rose ceremony, Andi took the time out to talk to all the guys as each one professed their love, including Nick who got a rose on the group date.

Who got the roses:
Josh, Marcus and Farmer Chris
Who went home: Brian and Dylan

During the commentary, Brian got upset because he heard laughter and Dylan poured his tears out thinking that Andi was the one. Sorry buddy you can’t be the one if you’re fucking quiet and don’t communicate. I can’t stand that.

What fucking planet is he on?

Some men I’ll tell you…he’s cute but dumb.


The Bachelorette – Episode Five – Whose Intentions Are Real

The Bachelorette – Episode 5 – Who’s Intentions Are Sincere

The dates have now moved to France.

Andi meets up with Chris and he puts her in the “hot seat” and asks her if she’s in love. Clearly she is but says she’s in love with more than one guy.

I don’t know. Infatuation is more like it.

Unfortunately the one on one date is with arrogant Josh who thinks he’s the best thing since slice bread.

He discussed being chosen for the one on one in an extremely presumptuous tone while Andi only expresses concerns over his background the type of guy he is and how that was her type but it never worked out.

What makes her think that Josh will be different?

While they are smooching it up the date card arrives.

The group date as follows: Marcus, Dylan, Chris, Cody, Marguel, JJ, Nick, Patrick, Andrew

While on the date with Josh, here’s the one thing I don’t get…she says she’s afraid that the relationship may be solely physical. Really? The guy is not good looking at all.

So back and forth as the television goes, JJ and Marquios are engaged in a conversation about something JJ claims he heard Andrew say that, “blackie got a rose”.

First off I find it hard to believe that something like this happen. I think ABC should be ashamed of themselves by inviting racist comments into the show. They are already being accused of being racist…why? Well look at every Bachelor and Bachelorette of the show. And we had one Latin but he was from Brazil or wherever he was from…the fact is this is America. Latin is regarded as Puerto Rican or Mexican, and Black is regarded as the American Black person. If the producers chose a black person from London with a British accent, the person is British, it’s not the same.  So yeah shame on ABC. I thought Marquios was a pretty cool guy but we all knew he wasn’t going to last. It’s just the way of the show. I just think it’s fucked up that Marqual couldn’t just be a great guy, we had to go ahead and invite color. SMH

I think the things Marquios said were quite disturbing but the reality is, that’s the way people view this show. I think if ABC would make anything right, let’s make Marquios the next Bachelor…why the fuck not?

As for Andrew, he’s just a jerk all around. I have no words for a pretentious jerk. When Josh was yelling at him about how he’s there for the right reasons and that he didn’t appreciate Andrew getting a number from another girl, he might was well been yelling in a mirror because Andrew and Josh are in the the same.

I had to force myself to watch their date and listen to him drone on about a story on how a girl cheated on him. Boy he sure seemed hurt and affected by that….His story was just as phony as the next counterfeit criminal.

Enough of them.

The group date was another laugh while the men made fools of themselves as Mimes. What else is there to discuss?

Oh wait the argument that Barnacle Cody had with Nick because Nick is over confident that he will wind up with Andy. I mean look Barnacle Cody was there for entertainment purposes only. He was an idiot from the start and there was no way Andi was going to take him on any home town date. If he thought that then he’s stupid.

Farmer Chis had comments to say about Nick and well as Barnacle when he had his one on one with Andi. #Wahbulance anyone?

And even though Andi confronts Nick, she sure didn’t have a problem finding her tongue in his mouth.

Marquious confront Andrew about the “blackie” comment but that’s not as relevant as going back to now Andi and Marcus making out on the couch.

Again going back to Andrew and Marquios I think this was just a low blow on getting ratings. Bravo to ABC….SMH.

But if JJ did make up that story, he is just fucked up across the board to make up something like that. If that was his way of staying there, that was a jackass move. But then again he looks like a jackass so perhaps it came natural for him.

At the end of the group date JJ the Jackass gets the rose.

On the one on one date with boring Brian, Andi finds out the he’s not comfortable in the kitchen. They make a terrible dinner which only leads them to a restaurant where she ends up giving him a rose. I had to do the short version so I won’t fall asleep writing about this dude.

At the Rose Ceremony, Andi has a conversation with Chris and tells him that she does not need a cocktail party and decides to move forward to cutting three guys.

My guess as I was watching was Barnacle Cody, Marquios and Andrew.

Final roses handed out:

Marcus, Nick, Farmer Chris, Dylan, and Barnacle Cody (fuck me)

Who went home: Andrew, Patrick and Marquios

More coming soon!

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,




The Bachelorette – Episode Four – All About Eric

The Bachelorette Episode Four All about Eric

So this episode concentrated towards the end on Eric because this would be the last episode he would be on and never seeing “The Men Tell All”

But lets start from the beginning.

Andi goes on a one on one with Dylan. Their date is a steam train ride. It seemed awkward because he’s quiet and doesn’t say much. It must be a Boston thing.

He finally talks about what happened to his brother and sister in regards to their drug overdoses and how it affected he and his family. While this is all sad, and believe me I empathized, this is the kind of thing that can drive a wedge in any potential relationship. I think it happened with Meredith Phillips in the Bob Guiney season. A relative of hers had past away and she was boo hooing the whole time. Clearly this wasn’t going to work out and when she became the Bachelorette number two she was only picking the guy who was the cutest but clearly there was no chemistry there at all.

I think Dylan has a lot to resolve and clearly is not ready to be in any kind of relationship as cute as he is.

The group date was pretty interesting.

Who: JJ, Farmer Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Tasos, Barnacle Cody, Brian, Patrick and Josh.

Now while all these men have egos to adhere, I don’t think anyone has a bigger ego than Josh. In their basketball game it was the winning team gets to spend more time with Andi, of course the team Josh was on lost. I don’t think anyone savored that pleasurable moment more than me. Typical middle of the season pick where men are pitted against one another.

During the one on one time after the game, Andi and Eric have some time and one of her concerns is that she does know Eric very well. Eric was expressing concern that everything seemed so great in the beginning and now Andi is just a stranger and she wasn’t giving him signs.

Josh on the other side of things was reeling that he lost the game like he has claims on Andi. What a jerk…please tell me you’re seeing this too.

I can’t see her and Brian together at all.

Then she making out with Nick with her tongue all in his mouth but Brian gets the rose. #Confused

Here is the part I don’t get. How are you hugging up on some guy and making out with him in a fucking corner but give the rose to someone entirely different.

Marcus got the next one on one date the next day and of course it’s the climbing over something date where somewhere in the middle of the fucking air they make out.

Um I think it was cute in the first Spiderman….it’s now a tired thing on the Bachelor/Bachelorette commodity.

Needless to say, I think that Marcus and Andi fit well together.

I think he will be the last man standing (and I haven’t cheated on the reality Steve site either) but this is what I think will happen in the end, she will choose him.

Yes, he did get the rose on this date and so did Dylan on his date and Brian for the group date.

The rose ceremony Eric and Andi had words with each other. The scene played out that Eric was not happy with the fact that Andi was not “present” in their relationship and he was trying to understand what had gone wrong.  But then it got heated when he accused her of acting for the camera and having a poker face.

With all do respect, the fact was Andi was not into Eric. And while he said beautiful things about love and wanting to be in love, it seemed though that he was not ready only because of the way he acted towards her. Now, one can call it anger or resentment, who knows. He was just too angry in my book. And sad that that was the last conversation they had.

With no rose ceremony shown on television that night, after Andi and her outburst on, “if ya’ll are real and if ya’ll don’t want to be here, ya’ll ya’ll ya’ll….” Yeah we got it.

The one that went home in this episode. Tasos. Bye Tasos, Good night. Bye Bye. SMH. Don’t even give him a proper send off.

Andi and Chris Harrison had a sit down to discuss Eric but that was also a Goodnight moment for me.

Clearly the rest of the guys got a rose, including Barnacle Cody.

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,