My friend Steve

Death. Final isn’t it. I was never very good at handling death. Didn’t matter who it was, person, animal, celebrity, baby…I just cannot deal.

I just found out tonight a dear friend of mine Steve, who helped put the Music Korner together for my magazine passed away last night. I have been inconsolable. I found out on my way to school, cried the whole time on the train and cried coming back home. I’m sure my eyes have taken on a new shape.

What can I say? When something like this happens, I begin to question my level of  commitment of friendship. Was I a good enough friend? Did I do everything I could do to reach out. 

I become so consumed with the magazine, sitting in front of my computer and making sure that everything I do is done to perfection and then…death.

The one thing I have learned but not happily accepted I have no control over. 

I am filled with extreme grief. Steve was someone that talked really fast when he was excited about something. Every new idea he came up with for the music korner, he was on the phone with me. I don’t know anyone who was as dedicated and committed to that part of the magazine. He cared so much about the pictures he took and getting people involved to write music reviews. He tried to get me to go to every show so that I wouldn’t miss out on the next great band. 

Steve had a good heart and a good soul. He put others first before he put himself and when he needed to put himself first bet your ass he did.

Amazing how he was filled with an assortment of music but right now the only sound I want to hear is silence. 

I will miss you a great deal. Your spirit will live on through all of us.