#50Shades…good for #BDSM or Not? Highlights from last night’s @KEMTopTalk Show w/host @MarabelleBlue

50-shades-funny-photo-6As you may or may not know, I have bought my talk show back to the radio airwaves where everything originally started and I have to say I’m glad to be back.

Last night, the topic was on #50Shades, phenomena or not?

My panel last night consisted of whom I call experts in the BDSM industry. I love and respect them all. My first guest was @DirkHooper who’s a writer, mentor and host his own show The Fetish Show Radio Program, along with Dirk was @MClarissa who has appeared on our KEMTopTalk show when held at a secondary location in the Bronx. Mistress Clarissa does not only live by the BDSM Lifestyle but she’s also a political Dominatrix, DOMMEunist Feminist eco peace warrior,geek, twitter prophet – one of the smartest women I know and finally Mistress Ann Domi who recently came into my life and currently featured in our @DominatnNation section on @KinkEMagazine which you can find right here: http://kinkemagazine.com/issue/february-march-jungle-love-kinkemagazine-issue-2015/article/domination-nation-mistress-ann

All who are definitely high in their standards when it comes to BDSM and all have an extreme wealth of knowledge.

Points that were bought up on the show, Dirk mentioned the Christian Grey character was a piece of shit and from the male perspective of Domination, no man would treat his sub in such a capacity unless you are watching the ID Network. Also, as a mentor, Dirk treats everyone as individuals and not just as a flock of people looking for advice or guidance into the lifestyle. Knowledge and understanding are key points when Dirk advises anyone coming into this lifestyle for personal or professional reasons. Good point.

Mistress Ann also made points that it’s bad enough the BDSM  community is frowned upon, especially where she practices her lifestyle in Alabama. Not exactly open to “that type of behavior”, a lot of what she calls hate crimes against the BDSM Community. Mistress Ann favorite specialty is Corporal Punishment which she prides on studying and working with Dominas in European countries.

Mistress Clarissa also bought up good points in regards to the book, the way it was written and believing that it comes from a male view instead of a female point of view. All agreed that BDSM is a life filled with education. The education doesn’t cease because you have arrived at some point or some level in your life. With Mistress Clarissa, one of her many specialties is Mummification and suffocation, breathing exercises. How many people can say they can do that without harming another person.

Without giving too much away of the show, it’s definitely a must listen. While I was listening to my panel of experts, questions were swirling in my head of everything I wanted to ask.

Caller CJ Cassidy called in, author of A Tortured Soul Trilogy which you can find on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/The-Tortured-Soul-Trilogy-Pleasure/dp/146093430X a must read book! I read Living La Vida Puta which is part  of the trilogy and I will tell you this is one book I won’t even loan out to anyone. There are just some books that need to be part of your library and this is definitely one of them.

All in all the two hour show was put to great use and feeling rejuvanated to have my show back on the air.

Please take a listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kinkemagazine/2015/03/11/50-shades-making-the-bdsm-community-look-goodor-is-it

And you can also go to www.kinkemagazine.com where the show is displayed right on our front page.

Until then.

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