The Bachelorette E4 Bye Bye Kupah and Broke Back Clint @KaitlynBristowe @ChrisBHarrison

kaitlyn bKupah which the episode ended previous last week was the joke of the episode as he yelled like an idiot instead of just taking the rejection in stride.

As I had predicted the week before, now that Kupah was eliminated before the rose ceremony, that gave Tony another chance at what he believes to be a universal love.

Jared, who was beaten at the boxing match in the last episode was now concerned whether or not he was going to receive a rose, because he did admit that he voted for Britt to be the next Bachelorette.

Following in the tradition with farmer Chris and his season the rose ceremony now filters over to the next episode and the rose ceremony is as follows:  Jared, Ben H., Shawn, Jonathan, Tanner, Cupcake Chris, Ryan, Justin, Ian, Joshua, Joe, Corey, Tony

Anyone paying attention to all of the slobber that Tony was talking about how he has the eyes of a child and how he gave up everything and all of that he’s invested. Did anyone forget that he initially voted for Britt.  Also when he was talking with one of the guys in the last episode when he was talking to one of the other guys he “mistakenly” called Kaitlyn, Britt.

I’m not quite sure what commitment or investment he has made when it seems that his mind has been somewhere else.

The next morning the guys are awakened by to sumo wrestlers with a gone and screaming in Japanese. Apparently this was the preparation for what the next group date will be.

During JJ’s interview he mentioned how much he loved Japanese culture. I’m starting to think coupled with last weeks episode that JJ is very much full of shit. The six guys chosen for this sumo wrestler and group date were as follows:

Tony, JJ, Clint, Joe, Shawn, Cupcake

Tony took the sumo wrestling very seriously and when Kaitlyn approached him to talk to him, he kept walking because he is not into anything aggressive. Clearly this isn’t a guy who’s into fun.

sumo date bacheloretteJJ then comes in trying to play hero in his big ass diaper wear.  Not necessary because Kaitlyn isn’t really that dumb to figure out that Tony is a child, period.

But then again it makes you wonder because Kaitlyn is trying to adhere to his sensitivity and if that’s the case why didn’t she give Kupah another chance even though he was acting just as an idiot just in a form of aggression.

You would think by now with all of his speeches about being sensitive that she would realize that they have nothing in common and maybe she should be questioning why is he still single. I cannot say enough how ridiculous the guys looked in these over sized diapers but Clint proved his manhood and ended it with a selfie with a bunch of fans watching.

Meanwhile back at the mansion, Tony was yet again complaining about the purpose of why he was there in the first place. It didn’t surprise me that he would pack his bags and leave instead of staying for the rose ceremony and not getting a rose. For a person who says that he sees the universe in a child’s eyes sure had the potty mouth of a truck driver. Last not forget that Tony voted for Britt. Why all of a sudden there was this passion for Kaitlyn?

(Note to the editors on how Tony was packing during the day, but yet left at night.) He said his goodbyes, said it was not her fault, and he was out like deuces.

While Cupcake stole some time with Kaitlyn, Clint confessed to JJ that he had no plans to pursue her and that if she had an interest in him she would pursue him. Lmao. Really? She’s the bachelorette….

Shawn, who I think Kaitlyn will wind up with got the rose for the group date.

The next day, Chris Harrison set up the one on one date with Ben Z. No surprise that the date would be a marketing promo for a movie and not really about trust and protection. I guess the dates of hanging off buildings are long over.

While the date was “suspenseful”, I have to say that Ben Z. was pretty much in control of the date in figuring out the pieces to the puzzle of this thriller escape.

IMG_8934Having shared the story of the death of his mom and want transpired, it pretty much explained his demeanor and his need to control. And while that’s all well and good, it begs the question of how well would he handle any relationship where a woman is emotional and needy?

And while Ben and Kaitlyn are getting to know each other better, the date card arrives and Tanner, who hasn’t had much of a connection with Kaitlyn is hoping to get some kind of one on one time with her.

The follows are chosen for the group date:  Jonathan, Ben H., Joshua, Ryan, Jared, Tanner

And cut back to Ben and Kaitlyn, who are now in the hot tub sipping on champagne, she excused herself to retrieve the rose, gave him the, “you’re the greatest guy” speech and offered him the rose and of course he accepted.

For the group date, another round of major embarrassments, the guys have to teach children about sex education. Personally, highly inappropriate and not to mention, tasteless. I’m sure the parents to these poor children who were subjected to have to hear this kind of shit from a show that displays in order for you to find love is to ensure you fuck the other person over.

Back at the mansion, Justin observed a deep love going on with Clint and JJ and if anyone watched Unreal, we all know there are cameras all around the mansion and outside of the mansion, trust that while we all like to believe that Clint and JJ have some “thing” going on, as Quinn (the character on UnReal) says, give me something for the camera.

IMG_8922I thought it was kinda cute. But we all know that there isn’t a gay thing going on. I mean after all, men do take the time out to squeeze another man’s back zits. (More on this at the end of my blog)

Back at school, Ryan was first up describing the female anatomy. While he did a terrible job, boy was he cute up there!

While all the guys took turns, Kaitlyn lets out of the bag that the school thing was a prank but the guys don’t it yet.

Thank goodness because if this was real, it would have been in POOR taste of the Bachelorette. The only guy who actually showed any kind of romance in describing love was Ben who mixed in the personal experience of being there.

When Kaitlyn had her one on one with Joshua, she commented on why he’s a bit slower in the romance department because he didn’t get his first kiss till college. And while she admits he needs to step it up the fact is in real life, relationships are not a race and quite honestly, Joshua is too good for Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn and Jared. Where to begin? Zero chemistry. If anyone believes that Kaitlyn is into the fish kisser, I’m at a loss. But we all know he’s getting a rose, for sure. It’s episode 4 and Jared is already falling in love, however, Ben received the rose, leaving Jared questioning WTF?

IMG_8932Are you believing Kaitlyn loves kissing Jared?

Now for the rose ceremony. JJ, who’s super confident in getting a rose actually spent more time with Clint. If it were between Clint and JJ they would both offer each other a rose and accept.

Kaitlyn mentions that she heard there was friction in the house. What friction? Did she hear the rumor right? Lol…. UnReal.

Clint wasted no time grabbing Kaitlyn and feeding her a bunch of lies and she fell for it, the other guys were none to ready to rat Clint out for his lies. Even admitting on camera to JJ that he’s not into her at all he just wanted a rose.

Of course this raises the drama on the set and Kaitlyn pulls Clint aside to confront him and the rumors and once again the rose ceremony filters to next week’s episode. (No surprise there seems to be a habit now)

Until then.

Marabelle Blue~

Oh here are more screen shots of Clint….enjoy.IMG_8919 IMG_8920 IMG_8921

IMG_8927 IMG_8928


#TheBachelorette Season 11 E 2 The Decision @ChrisBHarrison @kaitlynbristowe

The Bachelorette Part II

the-bachelorette-recap-kaitlyn-wins-men-s-votes-britt-feels-embarrassedWhen Chris Harrison approached Britt, he was the bearer of bad news telling her that she was not chosen to be the Bachelorette and it was time for her to go home.

When Kaitlyn came into the room, you can see some of the men were excited and some were masking their faces really well.

Ian who was there for Kaitlyn from the beginning will probably not last very long.

Joshua, who’s a welder made a rose for her will probably not last every long either since he lives on a farm and we already been there done that.

Chris Harrison pulls out the First Impression rose and then of course all the men step up their game.

Tony who’s completely perplexed, because he came for Kaitlyn but then changed his mind and voted for Britt, wasn’t sure how to proceed.

Jared who initially was interested in Kaitlyn and then changed his mind and voted for Britt was forthcoming with Kaitlyn in telling her who he voted for. Kaitlyn then comes to the realization that there are men who are probably not there for her. Helloooooo?!?

Jonathon who voted for Britt also didn’t have a problem sticking around for Kaitlyn and basically said in so many words he had to rearrange with his emotions. Really? I mean come on. Be honest. This is all about staying on television. Another one that won’t last.

Chris the dentist wasted no time planting a kiss on her after his cupcake entrance, even though just before then, JJ seemed to win over Kaitlyn emotionally.

bachelorette-shawn first imprression roseAnd with much effort of the dentist, he didn’t garner the first impression rose, Shawn did and was able to plant no one but two long kisses from Kaityln who was obviously very much into him.

Now for the first Rose Ceremony. Kaitlyn handed the roses as follows:

Chris (the dentist)
Ben H.
Kupah (voted for Britt)
Daniel (voted for Britt)
Ryan B.
Tony (voted for Britt)

In the middle of the ceremony, Brady stops the ceremony and ask Kaitlyn if he can speak to her. While all the men are freaking out thinking that Brady is trying to get his way of getting a rose, she comes back to inform the guys that Brady has chosen to leave because his heart was with the woman who left a few hours ago.

After talking with Chris Harrison and asking him to help him get together with Britt, he leaves saying, “The risk of love, whatever the consequence, is always, always worth it.”

The ceremony continued on….

Corey S.
Jonathon (voted for Britt)
Cory Shiver
Ben Z.
Jared (voted for Britt)

Who went home:

Carpool guy, Stripper guy, and other not memorable guys walking out of the mansion.

The highlights were interesting. As you can try and guess who she’s with what looks like one on one dates with Clint, Ben Z., Jared, Shawn but then something changes, when Nick. V. from the Andi season comes in and it seems the way she says his name that she’s been with him before. However, it doesn’t seem as though she didn’t have sex with him but with someone else.

Maybe Chris Harrision was right. Maybe this will be the most dramatic season yet.


@AndiDorfman Talks Breakup of a Relationship that Never Was @ChrisBHarrison

andi-and-josh-break-upChris Harrison changes scenes to talk about #BachelorNation with Andi Dorfman and her “shocking” break up with Josh.

Andi, very teary eyed, having difficulties discussing the break up and how she is coping. Chris asked her how did everything happen because at the premier they looked very happy.

Andi admits they have been struggling for a while in their relationship and it wasn’t something that happened overnight.  She was convinced for a while that she had made the right decision. She was 100% sure that her choice was the right choice.

She talked about the things they did together, cooking, spending time and being in love and when Chris asked about the premier and the wedding date – they really didn’t have an answer until they went back home and Andi confronted Josh as to why they didn’t have a date or even in discussions of planning a wedding.

Here’s the answer. Josh was not in love with Andi. He never was. Granted I wasn’t in the between the sheets with them, recalling Andi season, Josh was all about fulfilling his ego, making a name for himself on television. I think I mentioned maybe more than once or one hundred times in my blog about Andi season. This makes me think of Meredith Bachelorette season how she was so falling for Ian the very sexy eye candy guy in her season. Who wouldn’t fall for that but it was clear he was not feeling the same way for her and they broke up. “Surprise”

Josh was very full of himself in the Andi season. He wanted to act like the fucking savior and arguing with all the guys who were there when he found out their  intentions weren’t sincere . And the Boston guy, I forget his name, he was cute too but it was clear he was not into Andi either, he actually preferred blondes which goes to show you how low men can be on this show. On their trolley date he was staring off in the window probably wishing she was a blonde. Anything for air time! When you invite that camera into your life, trust me it’s hard to let go.

Nick, one of the final two and the one I thought she would have chosen, admitted to sleeping with Andi on the overnight date, aired “After the Final Rose”, was clear about his intentions. I believe he did love her and when he admitted what they did he didn’t come from place of malice, it was more like “How can we have such an intimate moment but you walk off the sunset with someone else?”

The fact is Andi fell in love with the wrong man. She wanted it so bad, but it wasn’t real and haven’t we all been there? Do I feel for her, sure I do. Her tears and pain were very real. I can relate on so many different levels having fallen in love with the wrong man in 2008. Back then it didn’t feel wrong and maybe that’s where we all falter as human beings. We get so caught up in that moment and we don’t think of our future with this person and how it may or may not turn out. Even after all of this time that has gone by, sad to say but true, I am still in love with this man. I will always have a love for him BUT at the end of the day, it’s all about realizing that some choices that were made in the past must stay in the past, not to be revisited or entertain thoughts of having that person come back into your life. They must stay gone in order for you to move on.

Andi is a smart and beautiful woman and while I really hated she choose Josh, at the same time I have deep empathy for her because I have been there and it really sucks.

I hope now she realizes that Josh is a lesson learned and that when she sees another bobble head like Josh coming along claiming he will sweep her off her feet, she runs the other way and never looks back.

The Sunday Special @C_Soules Bachelor @chrisbharrison Host E7

phoney kelseyThis Sunday special showed what happened behind the scenes of this season of the Bachelor.

Chris Harrison talks about something that has never happened in bachelor history when Kelsey was sent home how the girls cheered and broke out the champagne, which is true, something like that has never happened.  So Kelsey was interviewed in an early “hot seat” when Chris asked her why was she so disliked?

Kelsey was shocked when Chris Harrison said she was so controversial. She was called several things, condescending, that she faked the panic attack which we all know she did, she is narcissistic – and when the women found out that she snuck time with Chris to tell him about her husband dropping dead, they were all convinced this was an ulterior motive to stick around because she had no other cause to stay around.

While she claims that was her intention, we all know that she knew she was going home and that was the only reason why she went into Chris’ room, to lock in her “bid”, so to speak because she knew she was going home.

When Chris Harrison asked her if she faked the panic attack she said no. Did he really think that she would answer that question truthfully? He also mention how she recovered pretty quick as it seemed one minute she was on the floor and the next minute she’s “kee keeing” with the ladies on the couch like nothing happened.

Chris Harrison brings up the two on one date with Ashley I. who was gunning for her. Kelsey said she was shocked Ashley said those things about because Ashley was nice to her from the beginning and believes that because she was thrown under the bus because Ashley had no chance with Chris.

Then Chris Harrison sits with Farmer Chris to ask him what was going through his mind watching the playback of the shows especially in the Badlands with Ashley and Kelsey especially when he and Kelsey had their one on one time as he confronted her with the info that Ashley just shared. Chris said he was surprised what he heard about Kelsey. Shocked, maybe but really Farmer Chris, are you blind? If I can ask Chris, why did you keep Kelsey over Samantha? Did you feel sorry for her with her Sanderson story…? I don’t know given the situation, I would have questioned why she decided to share that story especially when it was clear that she wasn’t sticking around and then playing up a panic attack, I mean really?

The Bachelor Women Tell All Ashley S in hot seat onionMoving on to the comical Ashley S. who I believe that not only did they think she was cooky but she would be great humor for the show. Believe me if anyone thought she was right for Chris, at this point I think Ashley stole the show as crazy as she is.  She was having a lot more fun with the zombie paint ball game, I think more fun than anyone else was having, she made strange comments during her interviews about everything else but Chris. I like the scenes with Ashley walking around the property and just popping into places that the other women probably never thought to look like craft services, the accounting department, staring at walls and doors. What was funny was when she went back to the girls at the house and told them she found an office where there was a group of people betting on them. I would not be surprised if there’s side bets going on. While we all knew right then and there that Ashley would not be the one to wind up with Chris, clearly she would be unforgettable, for sure. Even though her audition tape displayed a women who seemed completely normal when it came to real Ashley all were left to wonder what exactly is she looking for.

Chris Harrison goes into Tara being drunk and the fact that being drunk almost cost her a rose but Chris decided to keep her any way. I think Chris gave a great answer, (I’m not being sarcastic) he said because he empathized and identified with the situation he decided to give her another chance.  But he didn’t give that chance to Jordan who he sent packing in episode two due to the same thing but when she came back to see him when they were out in Santa Fe and listened to her plea, he still sent her packing anyway.  And then there was Jillian who I think he liked the short shorts better than Jillian herself. Look we all know that Jillian would have been a terrible wife for Chris. Can anyway see this vivacious woman on a farm???? Not me. Plus she talked about sex a lot. My kind of girl, definitely not Chris’ kind of girl.

juelia crying over husbandThey go into Juelia who disclosed the story of her husband killing himself and still sent her home. Beautiful Juelia with that terrible spelling of her name and understood why Chris sent her home. This woman was still reelling over the death of her husband. This wasn’t a man who died of natural causes. This was a man who took his life and left a wife and a daughter to live with that for the rest of their lives. Before Juelia move on she has to find solace with the death of her husband and until then she will find someone who will truly love her and most importantly she will love them, without any guilt.

More of behind the scenes when Jimmy Kimmel joining in on the date with Kaitlyn, the love guru with Carly and how weird it became, the scene they didn’t show with him and Becca and Sully the donkey taking off with Chris Harrison calling the donkey a jackass for almost taking Farmer Chris off the path.

They go into Britt and their relationship and what happened at Deadwood when he took her to the Big and Rich concert while the other girls were waiting for more than an hour and return with Britt having the rose in her hand coming into a very tense moment.

While Farmer Chris has not handled all of the situations with common sense, I would agree he is doing the best that he can, given the situation.

For more on Andi, check out my next blog because we all know I have a lot to say about the farce of that stupid relationship.

The Bachelorette – Episode Five – Whose Intentions Are Real

The Bachelorette – Episode 5 – Who’s Intentions Are Sincere

The dates have now moved to France.

Andi meets up with Chris and he puts her in the “hot seat” and asks her if she’s in love. Clearly she is but says she’s in love with more than one guy.

I don’t know. Infatuation is more like it.

Unfortunately the one on one date is with arrogant Josh who thinks he’s the best thing since slice bread.

He discussed being chosen for the one on one in an extremely presumptuous tone while Andi only expresses concerns over his background the type of guy he is and how that was her type but it never worked out.

What makes her think that Josh will be different?

While they are smooching it up the date card arrives.

The group date as follows: Marcus, Dylan, Chris, Cody, Marguel, JJ, Nick, Patrick, Andrew

While on the date with Josh, here’s the one thing I don’t get…she says she’s afraid that the relationship may be solely physical. Really? The guy is not good looking at all.

So back and forth as the television goes, JJ and Marquios are engaged in a conversation about something JJ claims he heard Andrew say that, “blackie got a rose”.

First off I find it hard to believe that something like this happen. I think ABC should be ashamed of themselves by inviting racist comments into the show. They are already being accused of being racist…why? Well look at every Bachelor and Bachelorette of the show. And we had one Latin but he was from Brazil or wherever he was from…the fact is this is America. Latin is regarded as Puerto Rican or Mexican, and Black is regarded as the American Black person. If the producers chose a black person from London with a British accent, the person is British, it’s not the same.  So yeah shame on ABC. I thought Marquios was a pretty cool guy but we all knew he wasn’t going to last. It’s just the way of the show. I just think it’s fucked up that Marqual couldn’t just be a great guy, we had to go ahead and invite color. SMH

I think the things Marquios said were quite disturbing but the reality is, that’s the way people view this show. I think if ABC would make anything right, let’s make Marquios the next Bachelor…why the fuck not?

As for Andrew, he’s just a jerk all around. I have no words for a pretentious jerk. When Josh was yelling at him about how he’s there for the right reasons and that he didn’t appreciate Andrew getting a number from another girl, he might was well been yelling in a mirror because Andrew and Josh are in the the same.

I had to force myself to watch their date and listen to him drone on about a story on how a girl cheated on him. Boy he sure seemed hurt and affected by that….His story was just as phony as the next counterfeit criminal.

Enough of them.

The group date was another laugh while the men made fools of themselves as Mimes. What else is there to discuss?

Oh wait the argument that Barnacle Cody had with Nick because Nick is over confident that he will wind up with Andy. I mean look Barnacle Cody was there for entertainment purposes only. He was an idiot from the start and there was no way Andi was going to take him on any home town date. If he thought that then he’s stupid.

Farmer Chis had comments to say about Nick and well as Barnacle when he had his one on one with Andi. #Wahbulance anyone?

And even though Andi confronts Nick, she sure didn’t have a problem finding her tongue in his mouth.

Marquious confront Andrew about the “blackie” comment but that’s not as relevant as going back to now Andi and Marcus making out on the couch.

Again going back to Andrew and Marquios I think this was just a low blow on getting ratings. Bravo to ABC….SMH.

But if JJ did make up that story, he is just fucked up across the board to make up something like that. If that was his way of staying there, that was a jackass move. But then again he looks like a jackass so perhaps it came natural for him.

At the end of the group date JJ the Jackass gets the rose.

On the one on one date with boring Brian, Andi finds out the he’s not comfortable in the kitchen. They make a terrible dinner which only leads them to a restaurant where she ends up giving him a rose. I had to do the short version so I won’t fall asleep writing about this dude.

At the Rose Ceremony, Andi has a conversation with Chris and tells him that she does not need a cocktail party and decides to move forward to cutting three guys.

My guess as I was watching was Barnacle Cody, Marquios and Andrew.

Final roses handed out:

Marcus, Nick, Farmer Chris, Dylan, and Barnacle Cody (fuck me)

Who went home: Andrew, Patrick and Marquios

More coming soon!

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,




The Bachelorette – Episode Four – All About Eric

The Bachelorette Episode Four All about Eric

So this episode concentrated towards the end on Eric because this would be the last episode he would be on and never seeing “The Men Tell All”

But lets start from the beginning.

Andi goes on a one on one with Dylan. Their date is a steam train ride. It seemed awkward because he’s quiet and doesn’t say much. It must be a Boston thing.

He finally talks about what happened to his brother and sister in regards to their drug overdoses and how it affected he and his family. While this is all sad, and believe me I empathized, this is the kind of thing that can drive a wedge in any potential relationship. I think it happened with Meredith Phillips in the Bob Guiney season. A relative of hers had past away and she was boo hooing the whole time. Clearly this wasn’t going to work out and when she became the Bachelorette number two she was only picking the guy who was the cutest but clearly there was no chemistry there at all.

I think Dylan has a lot to resolve and clearly is not ready to be in any kind of relationship as cute as he is.

The group date was pretty interesting.

Who: JJ, Farmer Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Tasos, Barnacle Cody, Brian, Patrick and Josh.

Now while all these men have egos to adhere, I don’t think anyone has a bigger ego than Josh. In their basketball game it was the winning team gets to spend more time with Andi, of course the team Josh was on lost. I don’t think anyone savored that pleasurable moment more than me. Typical middle of the season pick where men are pitted against one another.

During the one on one time after the game, Andi and Eric have some time and one of her concerns is that she does know Eric very well. Eric was expressing concern that everything seemed so great in the beginning and now Andi is just a stranger and she wasn’t giving him signs.

Josh on the other side of things was reeling that he lost the game like he has claims on Andi. What a jerk…please tell me you’re seeing this too.

I can’t see her and Brian together at all.

Then she making out with Nick with her tongue all in his mouth but Brian gets the rose. #Confused

Here is the part I don’t get. How are you hugging up on some guy and making out with him in a fucking corner but give the rose to someone entirely different.

Marcus got the next one on one date the next day and of course it’s the climbing over something date where somewhere in the middle of the fucking air they make out.

Um I think it was cute in the first Spiderman….it’s now a tired thing on the Bachelor/Bachelorette commodity.

Needless to say, I think that Marcus and Andi fit well together.

I think he will be the last man standing (and I haven’t cheated on the reality Steve site either) but this is what I think will happen in the end, she will choose him.

Yes, he did get the rose on this date and so did Dylan on his date and Brian for the group date.

The rose ceremony Eric and Andi had words with each other. The scene played out that Eric was not happy with the fact that Andi was not “present” in their relationship and he was trying to understand what had gone wrong.  But then it got heated when he accused her of acting for the camera and having a poker face.

With all do respect, the fact was Andi was not into Eric. And while he said beautiful things about love and wanting to be in love, it seemed though that he was not ready only because of the way he acted towards her. Now, one can call it anger or resentment, who knows. He was just too angry in my book. And sad that that was the last conversation they had.

With no rose ceremony shown on television that night, after Andi and her outburst on, “if ya’ll are real and if ya’ll don’t want to be here, ya’ll ya’ll ya’ll….” Yeah we got it.

The one that went home in this episode. Tasos. Bye Tasos, Good night. Bye Bye. SMH. Don’t even give him a proper send off.

Andi and Chris Harrison had a sit down to discuss Eric but that was also a Goodnight moment for me.

Clearly the rest of the guys got a rose, including Barnacle Cody.

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,



The Bachelorette Andi – Episode Three Sunday Night Special

The Bachelorette Andi – Episode Three Sunday Night Special

Andi moves the dates to Santa Barbara and her first date is with Nick to whom she gave the first impression rose to. While they are out bike riding, Andrew and Marcus are discussing whether or not Nick will come back because he has reservations about the process.

Really? I mean who wouldn’t. What is the success rate of the Bachelor/Bachelorette? We all knew Trista and Ryan are successful, thus far but that’s because they truly love each other and it just so happens that they met on a television show.

Nick does share his feelings and reservations so that’s a good thing. Later in their date he talks about his core group of friends who are married and moved on with their lives and life partners.

I don’t know, as I was watching, the word love gets thrown around so easily. I think it’s easy to get infatuated in a closed environment.

Love, however, is a different feeling all together.

On the group date, was another story.

Here were my notes as follows:

Bradley needs to stop singing.

Josh is full of himself but him making fun of Bradley was funny.

The greeting of Boyz II Men singing “I’ll make love to you was a bit tacky”

Andi introducing them as her friends was tacky.

Bradley needs to stop singing.

Marquel looked like he was in a bad American Idol audition.

Cody  looked like a barnacle. What’s a barnacle? Look at Cody.

Yeah it was bad all around. I’m not sure why Boyz II Men allowed that.

On her date with JJ I was convinced he was not going to get a rose. But I did like the idea of their date. They donned probably hours of make up to age themselves and go out into the world as an old couple. While the date seemed fun, I don’t think it was really an appropriate date to have since everyone is still in the “getting to know you” stage.  That’s just me.

While on her date with JJ, Dylan was speaking candidly about the drug abuse that his sister and his brother went through and both ended up dying as a result of their drug addiction. Sad that he shared with someone in the house instead of Andi.

The rose ceremony was pretty interesting. JJ and Josh was the “big guys” when they decided to confront Andrew regarding a phone number he collected before he met Andi.

I have issues with this across the board. Andrew collects a phone number and Chris Harrison did nothing. But yet he threw Chris under the bus when he came in with roses begging to meet Andi. WTF?

JJ and Josh looked like idiot confronting Andrew. JJ was lucky to get a rose in the first place. Josh is a guy who’s a bully and standoffish. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made it to the top four but the first one to go home after the hometown dates.

The cocktail hour, while Andi was having her one on one with Eric who was now feeling insecure was interrupted with a bouquet of flowers from Nick and a long note. After that Eric was lost in his words, clearly frustrated.

Nick and Andi definitely have the infatuation thing going on but so does she and Marcus. I’m not seeing it with anyone else.

Ron was not at the rose ceremony because apparently someone he knew died and he has to leave. Seriously no love lost there. He probably wouldn’t have made it to the next rose ceremony anyway.

Who got roses:

JJ, Josh, Marcus, Nick, Brian, Marquel, Tasos, Barnacle – I mean Cody, Patrick, Farmer Chris, Eric, Dylan and Andrew (we all knew that was going to happen).

Who went home:

Teary eyed Bradley (literally), Brett who reminded me of the guy in the Wedding Singer, and Ron who left in the middle of the show.

Until then. 

Loves and Hugs,


The Bachelorette Andi – Episode One

After watching the first episode of the Andi season I think this season’s bachelorette will be quite interesting.

Let’s get started with the first impression rose. It took me by surprise but as a viewer and not physically being there, the editors are choosing what you watch so technically we don’t know how much time she spent getting to know them. Always make makes me wonder how fast she gets to know their names she must write them down on the list and the producers read the means back to her during the rose ceremony.

Nevertheless her first impression rose went to Nick V. He seems kind of dorky but looking at the future episodes since he seems to be one of the guys that makes it to the next several rounds he’s a dorky kind of cute. It’s funny how they bring out that rose when everyone seems to be settling in comfortably in that manson and then the competitive nature begins.
Now lets fast forward to the rose ceremony who she chose and my favorite and not favorite contenders.
Cody, the personal trainer that was acting like he was pushing the limo was just dumb. Personal trainers  (not all so don’t get your undies in a bunch) are full of themselves plus he’s not that cute acting like he was pushing the car was just stupid. He was all out of breath too which didn’t make a personal trainer look good.
Ron-  I’m confused he seemed to technical. Loosen up! I just don’t see it. On top of that, lets be real how many of the black contenders make it to the top four….Um none. I still believe most are only chosen to make for good TV. I did like Marquel but we all know at some point they are going to go home.

She picked Craig who seems to have stalker tendencies.

Bradley the opera singer – my whole thing is the only way that relationship will last is if he kept singing.

Brett – did she pick him because he had to return the lamp?

My fave contenders:

Dylan – for two reasons one he’s hot and two he’s from Boston. Anyone who has visited Boston this is where the hot guys reside.

Tasos – he’s not really eye candy but because he seems caring and considerate – the gesture he did with the lock as they do in Paris could be a start to something new at the bachelor house.

Eric would have been the ideal guy unfortunately he is no longer with us in this life may he rest in peace.
Guys I’m glad she did not pick:
Jason –  A bartender and that hair. Enough said.
Josh B. – What the hell was he crying about? He just met the girl!
Mike – Another one with the hair.

Now for the juicy portion. Chris from the Emily season comes in with a bouquet of roses for Andi. He’s stopped by security claiming he has to meet her. Has to? He was coming off a bit obsessive but who hasn’t.

When one of the golfers came running over he promised to get Chris Harrison to talk to him. When Harrison did arrive he really wasn’t very welcoming which begs me to believe that there was definitely something more going on then just Chris being turned away.
Why was it that Chris Harrison was so not into having a little bit of drama and/or controversy on the show when it seems that is what the show is driven by.
While Harrison assured Chris that he would talk to Andi, what I wasn’t expecting was the way Harrison had presented Chris to Andi. That he had been on the show before during the Emily season and he was on the bachelor pad almost as if he was some kind of failure for not finding a relationship.
Why would Chris Harrison throw him under the bus as if every season ended with a happy ending. Everyone who hasn’t found love basically joined an orgy fest of people who have been on previous shows and basically all fucking each other. So I’m curious to know what made this situation different?
Chris Harrison is not only the host of the show, as he initially started off,  but he has become the “advisor” of the show. Funny how he has garnered that title considering that once upon a time he was married but now is part of the orgy fest. Wasn’t he the one being accused by Rozlyn (when she was asked to leave the show) and I believe another women in a previous season a while back although I can’t remember her name but I do remember writing an article about her in my magazine @KinkEMagazine – both accusing Harrison of having his cake and eating it too.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that Chris Harrison is now a single man.
That’s not to say that Chris Harrison cannot be a good adviser I’m sure that he could but considering what he did with Chris I kind of lose respect for him in that regard.
Getting back to the “Emily season” Chris, he claimed he spent seven days waiting to find out when they were going to shoot the new season.  I am sure that he is in contact with somebody in the show that he let him know that they were going to be taping soon.  If Reality Steve knows who chooses who at the end I’m sure it wouldn’t have been hard for Chris to get info on what dates the taping would take place.
My whole thing was why was he treated like a problem child?
If I were Andi, I would have not listened to Harrison, but in the same breath I can understand why she said what she said maybe it is nice to start off on new season with a whole new season of men and no one from the past.
At the end of the day for me Chris Harrison was just dead wrong in saying what he said. While it’s still would have made good for TV he didn’t and allow Andi to make a choice for herself.
Makes me wonder what part of the gutter Chris Harrison’s mind is for this season.
While I never have faith in anyone finding real true love in this type of atmosphere, The Bachelor never fails to amuse me with it’s stupidity of mindless dreams and hopes and the fabulous vacation fantasies that make you feel like you’re falling in love until the end of the show, when the cameras are off and real life settles in.
Who made the cut: Nick V., Eric, Marquel, Craig, Tasos, Brian, Bradley, Marcus, Andrew, Ron, Carl, Chris, Dylan. Brett, Patrick, Cody and Nick.
Until then.
Marabelle Blue