Married at First Sight Year One

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The first season of Married at First Sight was so successful, for season two everyone and their mother were signing up hoping to find the successful formula of love through the four magical experts where Jamie and Doug, Cortney and Jason experienced  in their courtship of marriage.

While season two was a complete failure with great looking people who weren’t willing to compromise or budge on their standards and commitments for their relationship, FYI doesn’t fail to follow up with the first year of marriage, keeping the couples in the forefront of reality television (did I mention Season three is already slated to run in December).

While I missed the first four episodes, I will follow up with episode five, where Doug is discussing his relationship with Dr. Pepper and reservations he’s been experiencing with Jamie on her adamant stance to start a family immediately. While I her ideas were put on hold in the beginning stages of their relationship so they can better focus on the growth of getting to know one another and have their marriage flourish, apparently Jamie isn’t letting go of the idea of being a mother (tick tock tick tock).

Meanwhile in the Jason and Cortney camp, seems as though they’ve outgrown their studio apartment, even though at some point they had moved from one apartment to the one down the hall. Jason is in the mindset to purchase something in Brooklyn, while Cortney’s mindset is to be back home in North Carolina at some point of their lives when they decide to have children. In Cortney’s mind, her idea of raising children would serve better in North Carolina and not in New York (I agree), however with Jason being a firefighter, he can probably go anywhere to serve, but he would have to start from the bottom up which sucks.

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