Sable 1996-2015

A while back someone posted a disturbing request from another person asking them to stop posting stuff about their animals and get children which for them was something more worthwhile in posting.

People like that are quite disturbing themselves and for me when I find out someone is not a fan of animals they usually don’t stay my friend for very long.

My cat Sable died today. She was sick for quite a while, and the last several months she started a slow decline. Yes if you read the title, there isn’t a type-o, she was born in 1996.

My ex boyfriend and I, back in 1996 setting up our little family life decided to get an addition to our “blended” cat family and bought Sable at a neighborhood pet store. She was not my initial pick but my ex was pretty taken by her and it took me a minute to warm up to her.

She became part of the family instantly. I can’t recall my cat Gracie and my ex’s cat Mischief hissing at her, they took her in and became a nice little crew . When my ex and I broke up, I took Sable with me.

I didn’t talk about her much because she was a cat who kept to herself. She wasn’t friendly all the time and when she was hungry, she meowed this long extended meow like, “bitch feed me so I can eat and go back to sleep”.

She had this long fluffy tail that no one could touch unless you wanted your eyeballs scratched out.

During her last days, I watched the change in her eyes. It reminded me of a song by The Killers called Goodnight, Travel Well. When I first heard this song, I was in a relationship with a man I’m still very much in love with today and I broke up with him for a variety of reasons that I don’t care to speak of. Even though the songs speaks of one of the band mate’s mom’s passing, anyone who listens to the lyrics can relate to an ending of some sort.

The words in the beginning of the song rings true for ANYONE who has watched the decline of a loved one, staring off into another plain, what our eyes cannot see due to our physical realm and understanding of what we know now.

“The unknown distance to the great beyond
Stares back at my grieving frame”

How many times have you stared at someone, knowing they are going to die, we don’t know what they see. We just know our grief.

I thought to myself, “you know this cat has lived for about twenty years, there’s no need to cry, she lived a great life.”

This cat has outlived two cats that came after her and one before her which was Gracie.

I set up some blankets for her last night and laid her down to make her last hours comfortable.  I left about 2:30 today to take care of something and a little after 4 I felt different, almost as if something was closing in on me. On my way home, I knew she was gone and when I walked into my room and looked at her, her eyes were different. No more the green eyes looking up at me but the fully dilated pupils staring off into a distant world.

There’s an old saying, “the eyes are the window to the soul” – they may be, but they are also the way to know when a person lies or in pain, happy or sad, anger or enraged.

My cat never knew was it was to be not to be without food or water. She never knew what it was like not to be loved. She never felt the cold, always had a roof over her head and a warm floor to sleep on or if she choose the bed.

I was lucky to have her as my pet. Even when she pissed me off LOL. Although I am sad, I know she is free and no longer in pain.

For anyone to think that children supersedes animals is just a fucking moron. I made the choice a long time ago not to have children. I don’t regret my choice. My babies are my animals. Just as those who appreciate my postings of my dogs and cats, is the same way I appreciate those who post their pictures of their children and sharing those special moments.

Nothing supersedes life.

You were a good cat Sable. You will be missed.


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