Self centeredness 

  Due to the inability to see past themselves most people will blame their problems on others. They call them names like bitch or evil. They accuse them of unrealistic torture and expect or even demand apologies. They walk with an air of arrogance and know it “alls”. 

Without a pot to piss in they lack humility. Owning nothing but the clothes on their back they hold their mighty invisible sword and still exclaim, “I’m right and you’re wrong”. 

Such an atrocity. It’s almost like a hoarder living among garbage and you think it’s a palace. Until you have your own palace, you are nothing more than an unwanted guest. 

And even then, after a while a hoarder will get tired of the garbage and eventually throw it out. 

Or…you can hold on to the garbage and stop dragging everyone else in. No one wants to be around twenty year old stinking garbage. 


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