On a Personal Note…Taking a short break from @KEMTopTalk Show

I have to say once again thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to post to both of my facebook pages and twitter birthday wishes. Thank you so much.

To be quite honest, I didn’t have a great birthday. In fact this was a very sad birthday. For the last two years, my life has been a downhill spiral, thanks to the current status of freeloaders invading my home. Believe me I’m doing something about it which I care not to disclose in detail but trust I am taking care of this issues.

With that in mind, my sister baked me a cake for which I did not eat. Why? Well for a variety of reasons.

Earlier today I was talking with my ex…the same ex I broke up with in 2000, the same one I blogged about for so many years since then, we are the greatest of friends. I talk to him because he is the one that knows the situation the best.

I realized these past two years, my friendships with many people that seemed to be growing stopped when my sister moved in. My dating life is completely non existent and my embarrassment to have people over my apartment is at an all time high. I relate to hoarders because all of my items are in my bedroom. I have been robbed by own relatives which has forced me to buy a lock some time ago and lock all of my personal effects in my closet when I leave to ensure that everything I own isn’t disappearing into someone else’s hands.

You know what sucks? This is family. What sucks even more, that my friendships have been compromised because of this very issue. My camera girl told me the other day if they abandoned you in your time of need then they weren’t really your friends. Perhaps this may be true. If it is, it’s best they move on with their lives as I have. Sometimes when you think a friendship is a good thing is when it’s tested at the very least when something is going on in your life.

People have given me terrible advice regarding this issue. Suddenly people have become attorneys with knowledge of the law.

We live in a time where people expect perfection on the inside and out. As humans we are far from any type of perfection and I don’t care how much plastic surgery or botox anyone has had.

I’m dishearten by many things in my life and around my life. I am making small changes but I’m the kind of person when I make a change there are no limitations. It hasn’t been that way for the last more than two years.

With that in mind, I’m taking a break from my show. I find I’m not getting the real support I thought I would have. I have a lot on my plate and for now I just need a short break to get everything together and wrapped up in a nice little package.

I will do three more shows and end on June 16th. If you find you are enjoying the show but Tuesday nights don’t work, please let me know what nights you think are a good night to restart the show at a later time. I would love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for understanding whole hardheartedly.

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,


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