The Bachelor Farmer Chris Soules E5 @c_soules

In this episode the girls are now leaving the house to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico where all of their dates will be.

Chris Harrison informs them that there will be two one-on-one dates and one group date.

Now that there are 11 girls left farmer Chris feels that they’ve passed the “getting to know you” stage and they should be all at a place where real and true relationships are forming.

Kelsey expressed the desperation that she really needed the one on one as well as Ashley while Whitney claims that she is falling for him (already?).

And surprise (and why?) Carly gets the first one on one date.

While Chris is waiting for Carly he says that he feels that she’s the perfect person for this date and feels they have a great friendship, but do they have anything more than that?

Carly and Chris’ date was guided by a spiritual guru who focuses on love and relationship through meditation.

The sessions consisted of playing a game of trust and Chris was blindfolded while Carly fed him an assortment of food and fruit, which instead of being sensual, turned out to a be sloppy mess and lacked a lot of chemistry.

carly being fakeI’m not sure why this date occurred, meaning the type of date. I really don’t think that this date was not appropriate and it was not a real way for anyone to get to know each other considering that this was a first one on one with Carly. They would’ve been better off having dinner and talking and getting to know each other. I don’t see Carly with him at all and had they had dinner and talked, probably Chris would have found out that no only does she have serious issues but she’s also not a very nice person. Hmmm no wonder her boyfriend of two years didn’t want to touch her.

And this love guru, if she’s such an expert she would have had them do a different type of exercise. Is this how she handles a couple on their first date? I don’t think I would want to strip with someone that I may not be interested in.

Cutting back to the ladies back at the house, Kelsey shares with the girls about her husband dropping dead on his way to work and Ashley I. found that it was strange that she decided to share the story and how nonchalant she was as she was telling the story.

I can sort of agree only because when Juelia was talking about her husband killed himself she was literally falling apart.

The group date card comes in and the names are read as follows Jade, Megan, Kaitlyn, Whitney, McKenzie, Becca, Samantha, Ashley and Kelsey.

Now this makes Britt excited because she has the one on one date with Chris and leaves Kelsey annoyed that again she’s stuck on another group date.

After the intimacy date Carly and Chris head back and have a dinner and she begins to discuss her past relationship. Apparently she spent two years with a man that she wasn’t physical with and how this affected her deeply. She wasn’t sure where the relationship was going and why wasn’t this man interested in taking the relationship a step further. First off, this is a major red flag. Hello Chris, wake up and smell the issues. Any woman that’s sharing this clearly has something going on. Really? Why would anyone stay with a man that’s not interested in her physically? What is the point of staying in that type of relationship? Carly clearly has some low self esteem issues going on and with all that being said, what does Chris do…he gives her the “blah blah” speech on how beautiful she is and gives her a rose.

Hashtag: Confusion.

On the group date all of the girls figured out that they were going white water rafting for which of course does not please Kelsey as she is focused on having that one on one time with him.

Chris expressed how important it is that a woman enjoys the outdoors because most of his life is spent outdoors and listening to Ashley I. who has clearly convinced herself that she is the one for him.

It’s so funny when something happens to someone on a group date and other girls start to make fun of what the situation, as per Jade, who fell in the water, so now everyone thinks she’s playing helpless victim so Chris can come to her rescue.

Whitney, who was on this group date expressing how important time is with Chris and how she really needs to have that one on one time with him now that the rafting date is over. As they are in the lounge waiting for Chris, he’s intercepted by Jordan who was eliminated in week two and for some reason she look completely different I didn’t even recognize who she was when she stepped over to Chris.

jordan and chris

She seemed very humbled as she expressed how important second chances were and apologized for her behavior. Blaming the wine she drank, she told Chris that it wasn’t really who she was and she didn’t get a chance to represent herself appropriately. Against the better judgment of himself, he decided to do that and bought Jordan right into the lion’s nest when the group of ladies were waiting for him and were none too pleased when he walked in with Jordan.

After some discontent from the ladies as each went on their one on one, Chris pulls her out from the group and sends her packing yet again. I’m not sure why Jordan came back in the first place, I mean is Chris that much of a contender that she drove all the way from Colorado to see if she can win his heart? I don’t know thinking back on the ladies that Chris got rid of, he definitely let go some good women that should have been there.

Of course Ashley had much to say on Jordan’s short return because she really thinks that her make out sessions locks in a rose for her. Apparently she believes she is the right person for Chris when she’s not. She also wasted her one to one time to compare herself to everyone else and failing to use that time to get to know one another…okay okay we all know that’s a waste of time. Ashley won’t even last to the top four.

chris and britt on hot air balloon The date card arrives for Britt. The card reads “the skies the limit”. Uh oh is this another jump off a high rise building moment? And Britt who would do anything for Chris spills the water works because she’s afraid of heights and she just cannot do anything that will involve jumping off anything.  Seriously who can blame her? How many dates have lasted with someone jumping off the building, making out (because it’s a romantic moment) and never getting to a top four?  Absolutely pointless!

Getting back to Jordan, (afterthought) even though Jordan seemed sincere, I was still feeling as I was watching that Farmer Chris is getting rid of some good women so why are Ashley and Kelsey there? Clearly these are two women who aren’t for him.

The priceless moment is when Chris gives his speech before handing the rose out how this particular woman makes him feel special and that he thinks that they have a lot of potential together. I know that Ashley didn’t think he was talking about her and why so shocked when Whitney got the rose. No one at that date looked happy after he gave her the rose.

Here are my thoughts on Whitney which I touched upon when she was talking to his sisters. She seems forced not a force to be reckoned with. And I also understand Ashley’s point about Whitney being a fake. I think it’s just coming to a point where she works as a fertility nurse seeing and working with all of these couples who are looking to have children. It’s kind of like if you’re hanging out at the barbershop where women with long hair would get short hair cuts, after you made it a point you would never chop off your hair.  Sooner or later, the short hair would look so appealing that you leave the barber shop with short hair.  Whitney is a career woman. Who will need a fertility specialist in a town of population 427?

The next day, Chris sneaks into Britt’s room to surprise her for their one on one date. As she’s getting up I’m back in what Carly said about Britt not bathing and goes to sleep with makeup. I think if women do that sooner or later they will care about their face and wash it and not worry that their husband will judge them for a natural look. However I did notice she wore those red sneakers quite often.

Terrified that she may have to jump off a building with Chris, she’s pleasantly surprised that it’s a hot air balloon ride.

While Britt and Chris were out on their date, Ashley gossiping that Britt had confided in her how Britt was happy being single she doesn’t understand why anyone would want to have kids. So in other words Ashley is insinuating that Britt is a liar and not here for the right reasons.

Carly,  who’s now emotionally invested, is worried that Chris’ relationship with Britt is a stronger connection than hers which leave her overly emotional. This is her first “relationship” where someone actually reciprocated their feelings towards her. So now she’s afraid in the time that she’s invested with Chris that it will fall through because of Britt.

Kelsey also chimes in with her comments about Chris and ruining her relationship with him. Um Kelsey, what relationship with Chris? Upon Chris’ return on his date with Britt (or it could have been the next day), Kelsey takes matters into her own hands and runs to Chris’ hotel room because the story must be told about her husband dying.

I’m pretty sure that Kelsey was going home this episode and from the looks of things she may have saved herself with her crocodile tears referring to her husband’s death.

At the rose ceremony nobody looked happy. They are all looking forward to having that extra one on one time with him for the cocktail rose ceremony because right now the only women who have roses are Whitney, Britt and Carly.

Tensions are running high as the women with no roses all express concern that they didn’t get enough time with Chris and while everyone is genuinely worried, Kelsey chimes in that she feels very comfortable that she will be getting a rose. Hmm talk about being overly overconfident and arrogant. And then she has a weird friendship with Britt because she seems to be hanging all over her but yet wasn’t she talking about her while Britt was on her one on one.

Chris comes in and makes a speech about a conversation he had with Kelsey that put things into perspective and in the middle of that speech he was overcome with emotion and walked out of the room. Up until then no one knew Kelsey had a conversation with him in private, in his hotel room. Now Kelsey had no choice but to disclose that she had this conversation with him and basically took advantage of the situation because she knew she wasn’t getting a rose.

Carly made a good point (surprisingly), saying that before Kelsey had this conversation with Chris he was fine, but then because she went behind everyone’s back, having this conversation, there’s a strong possibility that somebody else is going home because of what she did.

While Chris was talking with Chris Harrison, Kelsey tells the girls she knows what Chris is going to do and what decisions he’s going to make, and how time is precious, blah blah blah, going off on this weird tirade like she knows what the fuck she’s talking about.

Kelsey has barely had any kind of relationship with Chris and for her to say the things that she saying and talking about how she has to say goodbye to people because she knows what choices he made what the fuck is wrong with this woman. How do you sit there and cry your eyes out and in the midst of that start laughing like some kind of fucking weirdo.

Chris Harrison walks into let the girls know that farmer Chris has made up his mind and there will be no cocktail hour. Chris had made up his mind and he did not want to delay the inevitable, leaving now all the ladies uncertain about their future with Chris.

Ashley who relied on a make out session, was in hysteric of tears and Kelsey who was super duper confident, seems to be shitting in her pants as she gets up to use the ladies room where all of the sudden screams start  blaring from the other room and what looks like a paramedic helping none other than Kelsey who’s now on the floor, crying her eyes out…WTF?

kelsey on the floor crying

To be continued…


The Bachelor Farmer Chris Soules E4 @c_soules

harrison-bachelorChris Harrison informs the girls that they will be two group dates and one, one on one date. However the stakes will become higher and things will be different because Chris’ three sisters will be deciding for their brother who will be the one chosen for the one on one date. Clearly this is an important date because it’s all about impressing the family since we have seen in bachelor past that families have broken potential relationships. Despite this, the girls were cheering away.

While the girls are cheering about this I don’t think that they should be happy so quickly because family members have a tendency of being much more critical on who is best for their relative than the actual person Chris may be pursuing.

Chris drops off the first date card and the group date for the first group date is as follows: Kaitlyn, Ashley S., Ashley I., Juelya, Samantha, McKenzie and Kelsey.

On the group date they go out to a lake and Chris suggest just to hang out and “be yourself” getting away from the fancy stuff. Kelsey had a lot of things to say about this date, she thought the girls stripping down were tacky and disrespectful. And its’ funny because Ashley I. is a virgin and she was the first one to strip off her clothes.

Back at the house where the rest of the girls are, get a knock on the door and the sisters come in to greet them and talk to them.

Reading into this episode a bit more, I believe that the reason why the girls that were chosen for the group date was because Chris’ sisters were not interested in meeting them while the girls that were at the house were the ones with the most potential. Not sure at this point but this is what it seems.

Jillian, (Ms exercise buff), who was sleeping out in the back was awaked by one of the other girls so she can meet Chris’ sisters and the sisters call each girl one by one asking them some pretty tough questions. The first one up is Whitney, the fertility nurse and she’s definitely kissing ass. There’s something about Whitney that’s awkward and not natural in her conversations or demeanor, almost forced and phony.

Next one that goes in is Britt who had the first kiss in the house the night that she met Chris and also the first impression rose.

They also spoke to Becca and Jade who currently lives out in Los Angeles along with Jillian I’m not sure what the sisters are thinking at this point who deserves the one on one I’m hoping that it’s Britt because I think Britt has a better connection with Chris than the rest of the ladies.

Back on the group date, Kelsey was none too happy having to hang out with a bunch of tacky girls and what she called the lake a “dingy pond”. She was feeling as though she felt forced to have fun, tired of fake smiling while trying to just enjoy this hellhole. To make matters worse while she’s being interviewed she makes a sarcastic comment about Chris’s surprise that they are going to camp there and while she’s talking she gets stung by a bee. kelsey complaining on date

Back at the house, Chris’ sisters are still talking to each girl, and when it’s Carly turn she discusses her last relationship, how the guy was not very nice to her, didn’t touch her or reciprocate feelings (but she stayed with him for two years). I don’t know if she was in abusive relationship, she didn’t get into details and the same with Juelia who went into the “my husband killed himself” spiel which begs the question, are these women viable to be in a long term relationship or do they need some healing before they move on to someone else.

Later in the evening, after all of the interviews are over the date card arrives announcing the choice of the one on one date and Jade was chosen. It’s funny that they picked her, being that she was not really any kind of contender from the beginning and I still don’t believe that there is some kind of connection but we will find out when Chris has the surprise one on one date with her.

All the while the girls on the group date, now camping, have not realized they missed out on meeting Chris’ sister which some had mentioned they are looking forward to meeting. At this point I’m pretty convinced these girls were deliberately left out.

During camping Ashley I. continue to push herself on Chris and not only being a virgin she doesn’t look like she knows how to kiss very well either.

After Ashley S. monopolized Chris’ time with her insanity episodes, as other girls get their one on one time, Chris comes back and gives Kaitlyn the rose. This not only upsets Ashley I., in her mind their make out session should have been enough to garner her a rose.

Here is the thing with these women on this show, just because a man kisses you it doesn’t mean they are into you. These women seem very confused and I think it’s even affecting when you’re living in a confined area with no technology around with the exception of the other woman who are dating the same man in the house. Kissing doesn’t guarantee a rose that is for sure as we have seen in this season so far. Chris is probably a guy who didn’t date much. I mean he’s living in a small town with not that many people in it. And none of these girls have thought of that. They are living in the moment with the cameras and spotlight. It’s the test of the determination to stay in the relationship when there are no cameras and miles of farmland.

So the girls come back from their camping date and find out that the sisters had come to see them and have chosen who will go on the one on one date with Chris and that choice was Jade. Ashley I. who seems to have so much to say and so much “vested” in what she thinks is a relationship with Chris was not a very happy person. Bad enough she’s really insecure, now she can’t even make an impression on his sisters to convince them that she’s the one that should marry Chris in the end.

bachelor-jade and chris dateChris’ date with Jade seemed extremely boring so to ask me if I paid attention while Disney took advantage to promote Cinderella, I think the fast forward button came in handy for this part. During the date they were waltzing to the Cinderella movie and then you come to realize that this isn’t about the date but this is about promoting the movie.  Chris mentions that it was pretty intense of course it is you’re in a romantic setting you have a whole August replaying your dancing it’s midnight it’s all the intensity of what Cinderella is supposed to be. He did give her the rose and mentioned he may have overlooked or a little bit.

The group date card arrives and reads the following names:

Nikki, Jillian, Whitney, Carly, Britt and Becca. There are also large boxes waiting for them and when they open them up, wedding dresses are found inside each box bearing their name  on each one.

As the episode drones on, the group dates consist of ridiculous challenges where the girls are dressed up in cheap wedding dresses with the winner having one on one time with Chris. Without missing a beat, the challenge has a cause for MS. I really wish that these people with separate good causes with ridiculousness.  Jillian being the workout buff it didn’t surprise me that she was ahead of the game since every scene with ther booty shorts and the black cover that followed her all around, all she did at the house was work out. However if she does get a one-to-one with Chris, he will probably find out that she’s not a match for him anyway, and thankfully she won.

During the date Chris initially says that she’s one of the top three contenders then during the date she starts running her mouth and it’s an entirely different story. Just as I suspected they were totally on opposite ends of the universe. Jillian seems to be a great catch, but she would need someone as outgoing and athletic fit as she is. Chris is not the match for her and living on a farm won’t last very long with her either. jillian showing muscles

As the one on one date went on, Chris’ mood seems to change and so does the look on his face, settling in that there’s no romantic connection and what seemed to be the top contender is now on road to the limo heading back home.

Even as Chris teasingly lifts the rose and explains there isn’t a connection, she does the nightmare thing that no woman should do is try to convince him otherwise. It was clear, watching this date unfold and the lack of attraction that was happening between the two, he did the right thing letting her go. They are two entirely different people it’s just not going to work out and he’s doing the right thing by letting her go.

The ceremony night begins and before Chris makes his final choices,  every woman takes advantage during the cocktail party to grab him and express their interest or their vested interest in this process accompanied with silly tactics that consists of blindfolds, fruit and chocolates.

Ashley I., another annoying tirade, was desperate to tell Chris that she’s a virgin in the hopes this will give her an upper hand on a relationship she things is happening between them. Her attempt gives her a temporary reprieve.

ashley i cryingBut after her make out session, thinking this has solidified some dynamic between them she spazzes out over another make out session she witnesses and starts her badger of tears. You know it takes a lot of ‘woman’ to live with 15 other women having to submit to a process of dating where a rose keeps you or lack thereof ends the relationship without a real explanation, having to grief alone at least for three months after the show has been taped. I don’t believe that Ashley has been dealing with this from the beginning and she’s over-the-top, she’s questioning herself, it’s too much.

In the mist of Ashley I. disclosing to some of the girls that she’s a virgin, Becca comes out and says that she’s a virgin too. I didn’t see that one coming. But that’s when you have to watch out for the quiet, unsuspecting ones that end up coming out on top.

Britt, who’s now feeling more insecure about her relationship with Chris, expressed concerns about the dates he’s been going on and questioned whether or not she is going to stay or go home. Chris took it that she was questioning his integrity because he gave  Kaitlyn got a rose (secret rivalry?).

Evebritt-nilsson-madn though he thanked her for having the conversation, clearly he was upset and at the end of the cocktail hour, he made a speech about anyone who has ill intentions or questioning his integrity or feel maybe they may not be right for him they are more than welcome to go home. Of course no one is going to do that. Why lose camera time.

I think if Britt had real concerns she wouldn’t have bought up and asked why is Kaitlyn getting a rose as opposed to not her getting a rose if she needed to generalize the situation that would’ve been easier than to question why is he giving out certain roses to certain people or say nothing at all. That never works in favor for anyone.

I hope that Chris does not discount Britt.

Chris’ choices in the rose ceremony:
Ashley I.

Ashley S. did not get a rose (about time).

juelia crying over husband

Juelia did not get a rose either. I think the issue with her husband killing himself was way over the top and clearly something that she has not come to peace with. Chris certainly did her a favor and hope that time will heal her wounds.

Buying into a Dream with a Pyramid

Off the mark from reality television, something has come  up that I must discuss.

Recently someone passed along some information with sincere means to help me promote my event planning business. I don’t think she knew the real deal of what she was passing on to me, otherwise she would have not wasted her time or mine.

So I went and contacted the person who informs me  that a well known celebrity’s mom is involved with the next big thing in skincare. Hmm really, how so.

Well we are in the NYC area holding a meeting so we can tell you all about it.

I thought about going and then as usual me, I changed my mind at the last minute, sending her a kind text that I won’t be able to make it.

This lead to a series of texts that lasted for about three weeks.

“Here’s a link where you can watch the presentation on video”

“I’ll be sure to check it out when I get the chance”

In case anyone doesn’t know (and most people do know), I have three business that I’m basically running consecutively. So watching a presentation isn’t on my priority list.

A few days later, “did you get a chance to watch the presentation?”

Sending apologetic texts, I informed her I’m quite busy and I plan on watching it as soon as I can.

Finally, two weeks later, she sends me a text that they are doing a live online presentation. Since I wasn’t inundated with important things, like, my business, I took some time out to watch the live presentation.

As I watched, I thought, very interesting, and then hmmm perhaps this could be done, maybe set up a banner on my new magazine, etc, etc.

Then the good part, the part I’ve heard for years in attending these meetings (and if you got the gist of it you already know what I’m talking about).

You know…the part…in the meeting where they mention how they left a six figure salary as attorney or a scientist to sell said item. And became instant millionaires, almost overnight. And OH, when she got so busy with her business, her husband left HIS job as a broker to help her.

I don’t know anyone that would invest so much time in their career only to leave it for skin care or better yet coffee.

Anyone who’s smart would get it at the end of the presentation. Anyone who’s stuck will sit there and say, “gee, how can I raise $700 bucks to get the stuff and then buy a second set at the same  price so I can test it myself.”

Here’s the old school of hard knocks lesson. Back in the late 80s (and I use oil of olay for my skin), I was taught, you never pay an agency for a job. The client pays them. Period. The End.

So why???? WHY???? On God’s green earth would anyone pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for such farce?

My response a week later. “No thank you, but if anything should change I will let you know.”

Nothing is going to change. I have no plans on spending $700 so I can spend the rest of my natural born life trying to get people to do the same thing.

Not too long after I finally got rid of her, I run into someone at the supermarket about a week ago. It was a guy I grew up with in school. Since my colorful life in the late 80’s to early 90’s there are many people that I don’t remember. But for some reason as he approached the section where I was standing, I looked up and said, “hey I know you”…and there ensued a conversation of catching up…how’s life, how are you doing.

kwestThen, it comes….”do you want to make some serious money?”, well of course, I mean tell me a way that I can score a million dollars tomorrow.

And he goes on to tell me that he’s selling coffee. The third most traded stock in the world. And this is not just any coffee but this coffee has healing powers.

So I was like well you know someone tried to sell me the same thing with skin care and was asking for $700 bucks and he’s like oh this is way more this is like $1200 bucks for the starter kit.


You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Are people really falling for this shit?

As I always do with anything or anyone, I do my research and what do I find?  Well, a lot.

I find this women exposing them as a scam. I find another link where another woman was exposing the wife of the coffee scam artist, exposing her scam too. I go on on her FB like page and about five of my friends like her page which surprised me.

Then on her page there isn’t a place where you can write post like most fan pages, usually there’s a place where you can write a post. Why doesn’t she have one. A lot of pics displayed of her rich lifestyle, but when you do research on her, she’s not as viable as she says she is.

Sad. She looks pretty too but let me say this, anyone, yes anyone, can write an empowering book, make empowering speeches, say they are an expert at something to make themselves sound good or use these words to elevate themselves to the world.

As a business person, I tread carefully at all times in my business decision makings because everything I do must be to perfection.  As a consumer, I want to make sure I’m spending my money on something that is worth it.

Pyramid scams have been going on for years. Yes I have been caught up in these meetings, not knowing what I was attending. The person that invited you most times don’t even know it’s a scam but they ask you to accompany them, so you go. Maybe the first time I almost fell for it but when you share with people that are street smart, will tell you outright it’s a scam.

After that in the mid 90s, it seemed it was one after the other. They would get you when you post your resume in the job banks. That call you get when they tell you how they found your resume and they want to schedule an “interview” and give you an address and you hang up the phone feeling like wow that was easy.

staples-easy-buttonWhile life is not a staples button, I found myself in that same position, receiving that call and the next day taking three buses to the destination. I arrived and see an area where there are a bunch of seats and a screen that’s on standby with over the top classical music. The guy leading me to sit down where I sat for like ten seconds (okay maybe a minute) and I got up and told the guy forget it.

He had a look of, “yeah I think she was not buying into this shit”

Another time I attended with an invite from a friend that didn’t want to go to a meeting alone.

The minute I get there  we were waiting in the reception area for quite sometime, and finally when we finally get in the room and the man starts talking about how he and wife left jobs in the scientific field to pursue this, I knew I was stuck listening to the BS for the next hour or so.

In my observance, the man talking about the millions he’s making…WITH his wife, his suit is rather big on him, there’s no wedding ring, the suit looks dingy.

After the nightmare was over, I looked at my friend and asked her if she buying all of this.

To my amazement she said yes.

bs buttonAfter bringing up the points on his suit, etc. – she still was reluctant to believe me (a friend) and was ready to buy into a stranger and give up $600 to buy this gimmick.

I’m not sure why people continue to buy into scams. If you are desperate for money, because you’re broke and having trouble meeting your debt, where the hell does anyone get hundreds of dollars to spend on something that you will be struggling to gain back. While coffee may be a popular drink, do you think anyone will stop in the morning to make coffee for themselves when they know they can get it at their local coffee shop, the truck in the street, Dukin Donuts, Starbucks, etc.

$1200 for a starter kit is my rent.

In the bigger picture of life, what is more important?

If you’re smart the answer is not one to think about.

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,


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