19 Kids and Counting – Out loud Thoughts of the Duggars

duggarsI usually wake up early in the morning about 7 am. During this time I feed my dogs and cats, mop up the floor and clean up any messes that happened in the middle of the night. Then I crawl back in the bed and tune to TLC where they show repeats of 19 Kids and Counting.

How on earth did I become addicted to this show? It’s not a major addiction but enough to peak my curiosity of the strangeness in this family.

I say strangeness without judgment, just the mere fact that this was not the way I lived my life so to me it’s strange.

Modesty. Something I never really was. I have big boobs and you know sometimes, they make an appearance. And believe me, I’m not one of those women that get mad when I man loses eye contact with what’s around him and leads to my boobs. No offense there. Also I own an adult magazine, which would go against the grain of what this family stands for. I never went on a date that was chaperoned, quite honestly, even though my parents didn’t like me growing up, they certainly were not there for any dates I had considering that once I turned 18, I was able to do almost whatever I wanted. And if you read through the lines, I didn’t get to anything until I was 18.

So now that you know a little bit about me, here’s why I think 19 Kids is so bizarre. This woman gives birth to 19 kids (obviously). They raise their children in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ (still trying to figure out how a man became a lord but more on that in another post), they don’t believe in birth control, clearly and one of the daughters has been married off and pregnant already. I guess you start out young if you want to have a good round number of kids that can be a baseball team.

As I sit and watch some of the episodes I’m astonished at the rules that are place in these courtships,. Even courting alone, the man must ask the father, Jim Bob, permission to court his daughter and then moving forward must ask for her hand in marriage which happens rather quickly.

So during the courtship, the couple cannot hold hands, they can only do side hugs, a full on face to face hug is not allowed. And OH, no kissing, not until the wedding day. Romantic? No. Not in my opinion.

One of the daughter, Jill, who married Derrick, met him while he was living in Napal. Jill and her father took a trip there to meet him and Derrick asked her father for permission to court her. Jim Bob, had to make a quick decision as his wife was not there to consult with and gave Derrick his blessing. Whoopie!

Moving on. The day Jill and the whole entire family were waiting for Derrick at the airport, greeted Derrick with a full on hug. Uh oh.

The feedback was priceless. “Well other than they haven’t seen each other in two months, they just can’t let it happen again and “no hugging allowed, only side hugging”.

Makes me wonder if she got scolded for that, maybe reading a passage from the bible, that part about how you should only hug your fellow man from the side because if your body touches it just make spark up some horniness. Who knows.

As it was advertised in the ratchet publications, like US Weekly and Star Magazine, Jill’s wedding was a big deal. Then four weeks after this girl is married off, here she is pregnant. Well duh. No birth control that’s what usually happens.

I don’t know. I find the whole thing completely strange. But in the same note, I don’t. I completely understand. One of the things Michelle mentions (she’s the mother) that they home school their children.  With the way the world is today, if I had children, I would home school them too. Not because of anything else other than I want my child to be safe. I’m old school. If my child was hurt by another child, I would probably get my belt and beat the mother.

Minus the outrages church and bible beliefs, one of the things I do admire about this family is the love they have for one another. And watching this show makes me realize that I never had that “tightness” with my own family. I grew up with an angry and controlling father. I commend my father for standing up and being a man and fulfilling his responsibilities as a father because we all know that not many men do that. A perfect example is my sister’s husband, he’s good for sticking his dick to make himself feel good but not deal with the after effect that now you have children that rely on your guidance and presence.

This would beg the question, would this have made me a different person. Would I be a recovering addict/alcoholic? Would I own an adult publication, would I be the writer I am today? I don’t know. I can’t go back and change my family so we can have that closeness that the Duggers have and that’s really the only thing that I like about this family.

Otherwise the whole courtship thing, the chaperone, and not kissing before marriage is not natural. For the Duggars their life is based on what they believe the Lord wants for them. Hence the reason why they are home schooled so they aren’t influenced by outside entities that might deter them from shying away from the Lord. And why the girls are married off so young so they can procreate and have as many kids as they can so they can keep building on their community. I mean after all they will need more of them to marry each other off to make more.

Everyone is different and I get that but I’m also a romantic at heart. I believe that relationships should have the natural setting without feeling as though if you do things that are not allowed according to the “Lord” you will be punished. For me this is not natural. If there is a God, who loves unconditionally then there is no punishment for holding hands or hugging someone that you love.

Recently, Jessa sparked up some controversy with her facebook posts on God’s judgment. Yeah again this brings up that contradiction about how God loves unconditionally but if you engage in sex or porn or curse boy you will definitely feel the wrath of God.  Huh?

There was something that I saw not too long ago, probably on Facebook that said Jesus promoted Love not religion.

Religion is man-made. It’s the one thing that divides society. It’s the one thing that people get killed for and it’s the one thing people will die for.

We are people who enjoy love and being in love and that should never be wrong, no matter what you believe in.

With that being said, carry on Duggars!

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