Introducing Farmer Chris Soules @c_soules – The Bachelor Season 19

The show finally takes off with Chris talking about his life and his farm life, the excitement of meeting 25 women as he prepares for this season as the new Bachelor.
As the girls prepare in the first limo they’re excited to meet him they come out as follows:
Limo number one:
Britt 27 – Long hug and a lot of heavy breathing, extremely emotional
Whitney 29 – fertility nurse
Kelsey 28 – school counselor
Megan 24 – make up artist
Ashley I 26 – freelance journalist
Limo number two:
Trina 33 – special education teacher
Reegan 28 – donate tissue specialist- she bought a fake heart I thought that was pretty tacky.
Tara 26 – sport fishing enthusiasts comes in with shorts boots and a plaid shirt
And when she walked in all the girls looked at her like there was something wrong with her and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. But later went to one of the rooms and changed to a black dress and got into the limo again and reintroduced herself (I can only gather producers ideas)
Amber 29 – bartender with the stupid teddy bear.
Nikki 26 – former cheerleader
Limo number three:
Amanda 24 the ballet teacher that knows nothing and does nothing and lids for free with her mother
Jillian 25 – news reporter
McKenzie 21 – the mother of a one-year-old child
Ashley S 24 – hairstylist Brooklyn New York
Kaitlyn 29 – dance instructor – and she said something really derogatory that just took Chris aback.
Chris Harrison comes in and tells Chris to go back and meet the girls that have come in to meet him and there’s only 15 girls so everybody’s confused on some of the girls are feeling relieved because the crowd is so small and little do they know that there’s 15 more girls that are coming in.
The first conversation he has is with Britt and he seems to have a strong connection with her. But she’s talking about Iowa like she really is interested and I don’t think she is. My own personal opinion, someone who comes from Hollywood California, sooner or later they’re going to get bored. They were so deep in their conversation that at some point they were looking at each other like they were going to kiss but they didn’t.
It’s barely through half of the episode and Chris Harrison brings out the first impression rose (and the other women haven’t even arrived yet), cutting back to the “red carpet”, live show where the audience was watching the first episode, Chris Harrison takes comments from the audience. I ended up fast forwarding that part.
Amanda, the ballet instructor, who initially greeted him by making him turn around and covering his eyes when she handed him a note that he had secret admirer, still had not known she was the secret admirer until they started talking. I’m not sure about her. I’m confused as to why at some point that she was talking and her eyes seemed to open wider and wider and then the camera panned right into her eyes like she was a crazy person. Didn’t her mother say not to embarrass her.
While the conversation and drinks are flowing, Chris Harrison comes back in to grab Chris and gives him the news that there are fifteen more girls to meet.  Now the other fifteen girls are seen another limo pull in and they are losing their fucking minds.
Limo number four
Samantha 27 fashion designer
Michelle 25 wedding cake decorator
Juelia 30 aesthetician i’m not sure why they have to spell a normal name fucked up
Becca 25 chiropractor assistant
Tandra 30 executive assistant came in on a motorcycle and she’s hot
 Limo number five
 Alissa 24 flight attendant
Jordan 24 student
Nicole 31 real estate agent and she’s wearing a fucking pig nose why I don’t know
She said to make him feel at home who does that fucking idiot she’s never going to live that shit down.
Britney 26 WWE diva in training
Carly 29 cruise entertainer comes in with a fucking microphone with mini speaker sounding like an asshole. Chris did not look impressed at all (but later was chosen in the rose ceremony)
Limo number six
Tracy 29 fourth-grade teacher
Bow 25 plus size model
Kimberly 28 yoga instructor
Kara 25 high school soccer teacher
Jade 28 cosmetics developer sparkle there
Now that Chris has met all of the girls he begins the daunted tasks of getting to know the ladies as each one kicks the other out to get to know him. Chris Harrison advises him that there will be a rose ceremony, get to know the girls, talk to them and then decipher who is best for him, at least in this round.
As he’s talking to the women, Kaitlin is having a conversation with him and I guess she decides to teach him how to dance. There’s something very ghetto about her I don’t know what it is. But it’s funny when girls are just being themselves with a guy and there are other women around to make fun of them I don’t know why that is. I think any woman that wants to be with a guy would like to show off a little bit of themselves and it worked for her favor.
On the interview portion of getting Chris’ take on all of the ladies he said, “he wished he was a polygamist right now”, which was completely hilarious.
Ashley has been acting like a fool all night long complaining that ever since the new girls came in that they did not have time to talk to him so she goes and she disrupt the WWE Diva girl by trying to dismiss her with a flower. Must have been the alcohol.
Tara, also had a bit much to drink was acting like a drunken fool I highly doubt he will give her a rose (but he did anyway)
 He gave the first impression rose to Britt. And the first kiss of the season begins.
Now that the first impression rose has been given out, Chris Harrison comes in and ready to steal Farmer Chris away so that he can begin his decision on who stays and who goes at the rose ceremony.
When they go back to the Bachelor Live, Chris Harrison is posing questions about the kiss between Farmer Chris and Britt, Michelle Money says that she heard a rumor that she does not shower makes you wonder why Michelle Money is still single. Why would she say something so stupid? And I like her; she’s gorgeous, not much going on in the head.
Chris is clearly nervous about this rose ceremony and goes in wondering if the choices he will make will be the right choices.
First Rose Ceremony
Kate Lynn the dancer
Ashley I
In the middle of handing out the roses Chris stops and walks out without saying anything. Realizing that Tara is very much out of it – he comes back and proceeds.
Of course it ends with the girls crying their eyes out not having had the chance to get to know him more or was it they didn’t get their chance in the spotlight….who knows.
For some reason the yoga instructor took it really hard and in the middle of the interview she decided to go back to the house and did something on conventional and decided to steal Chris. However we won’t find out what will happen until next week.
Do you agree with Chris keeping Tara? Vote!

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