Why Women Make Fucked up Choices – Viewing the World Through Andi’s Eyes


Chris Harrison calls everyone in to share some news. There’s an unusual silence as they wait for Andi. In her usual manner she hugs all the guys in the room and Chris shares with them that Eric Hill was in a serious accident and died as a result of his injuries.

While everyone was overcome with emotion, Marcus leaves the room and goes outside and Andi trots after him. Then she tells him to lets go inside and do this together.

Josh was quiet the whole time saying nothing but rocking back and forth like he was in a mental institution.

When all of the sudden the camera crew comes in and one of them consoles Andi because of the last conversation she had with Eric Hill.

Now lets touch on that conversation. Eric Hill said some really horrible things to her about being phony and doing things for the camera.

I hate to say this but so true!!! Yes Eric Hill was right.

Why?  Look at who she picked as the last three. Why bother with Marcus who’s a great solid guy who can give her the world. Let’s stick with prestige, staying in front of the camera and staying in front of the limelight.

Didn’t I mentioned this in one of my other blogs with Meredith and Ian. She only picked Ian for the looks and prestige there was nothing there. The relationship was empty.

After seeing the chosen three, I suspected who she would pick is Josh.

Why Josh? Think of how she got rid of Eric Hill. She had a connection with him early on but the more she got to know Josh and whatever she can get out of him, that was her way to keep him around and get rid of potential good guys around.

Think about it…if Eric Hill had gotten roses he wouldn’t have gone on any trips and died. Yeah it’s a fucked up way of thinking but this is a perfect example of why women like Andi are fucked up in the head. It doesn’t matter if she has a great career as an District Attorney.  It doesn’t make her smart or an expert of being in love.

Why do we fall in love with anyone? What are the attributes that someone has that makes up fall in love. I mean truly in love!

It’s not just about their looks but what is inside.

Andi doesn’t see anything but the prestige of one, which is Josh. Knowing that his brother will be joining the NFL will keep her in the spotlight…or so she thinks. Why keep a guy that can give you a great life and be the love that’s deserving of you.

At least that’s what I would want.

I believe Andi made a very poor choice. Really why keep Farmer Chris. While there’s nothing wrong with him we all know he will be the next guy to go home.

I remember reading a comment on someone saying that Andi doesn’t deserve Chris…yes they are right. She also does not deserve Marcus. Andi is truly a fucked up woman in the head….she will continue to pursue what she always had because deep down inside she does not believe she cannot get any better.

Our social age has given us a pair of rose colored glasses to see only the things that the media wants to show us never realizing that some things are just a plain old lie and you won’t find out till you’re all wrapped up in the bullshit.

We live in a sad world of fakes and phonies and The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is no different.

So I believe who she chooses in the end is who she rightly deserves to be with. It’s too bad that Eric Hill was not alive to express his opinion because he would have been right about Andi all along. 

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