The Bachelorette – Episode Seven – The Week Before Hometown

The Week Before Hometown Dates – The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman

So this week on Andi’s adventures of possibly taking the wrong guys to hometown dates, the guys left are Nick, Josh, Marcus, Farmer Chris, school teacher Brian and Dylan .

Chris Harrison informs them how the games begin. Two one on one dates and a group date with offering only a rose on the group date.

The first date card is with Marcus who I believed will be the two guys standing (I’ve already watched the hometowns so I know what happens) but moving on….

Let’s review. Andi seems to be really into Marcus as they walked around Brussels. One of the things that she says that she says that she wanted to know how it is to walk down the street with him in “every day life”….Andi I have news for you. Unless you’re just fucking rich travelling around the world, walking around Brussels is not everyday life.

Another thing that was disturbing is that why she is bringing up something that happened weeks ago that Marcus had shared with her that he was thinking about leaving. Didn’t we surpass that?

That reminds me a situation I was in with someone who mentioned something that happened months ago (without getting into details). That’s just an ASSHOLE thing to do. Why bring up something that’s been dead and stinking for months.

Now as a woman and I must say this, YES I have been one to throw things that happened months ago, most times to prove a point. But in situations like these, if Andi was really concerned she should have addressed it right then and there and not sit there and ponder weeks later in thinking, “hey he wanted to leave, now I don’t know”, but you don’t have a problem sticking your tongue down his throat.

Moving on, the next date card comes in and thinking it’s the group date, it was the next one and one date with Josh. Of course his arrogant ass was ranting how happy he was, blah blah blah.

Now while Andi keeps expressing these concerns about Josh, because this was the type of guy that she has always gone out with and has never worked out why keep bothering?

Marcus came back from his date and while he’s talking about where all of the dates are going and the sense he’s getting, Nick walks out and sneaks off to Andi’s room. Yep she went and broke the rules and want out for a short make out walk with Nick and talked about all these feelings she felt with him. Words like, passion, hot…..and “every time we kiss it’s like I know exactly what he’s thinking”.

On her date with Josh, Andi talked about how she wishes Josh would catch up in expressing his feelings like the other guys have.

I don’t know can anyone possibly fall in love in seven weeks? That’s less than two months. I haven’t been in love since 2008/2009 (when my relationship ended). Sad to say that I’m still in love with him so I don’t know BUT I still believe when it comes to the Bachelor/Bachelorette being in a closed environment, yes I think there can be feelings that can be induced because of the set up.

As for Josh, I think she’s full of shit through and through. If you’re sitting there week seven before hometown dates and you’re concerned about how he feels why take him through the next round?

Isn’t kind of sad how love it still a game?

Josh said things that to me was quite disturbing. “I don’t like you talking to other guys…”, possessive isn’t it? Maybe it’s cute when you’re like fifteen years old and your first boyfriend tells you how he doesn’t like it but when you’re a grown man that’s an entirely different story. He does admit that he’s falling for her but who knows how genuine he really is. Now that he’s said that, it seems to validate what she’s been looking for the whole time.

It’s not enough there are two men that are completely head over heels in love with her it’s this one she was waiting for.

On the group date with Nick, Chris, Farmer Brian and Dylan they literally peddle a ride to a monastery where she clearly states to everyone no kissing in the space of these walls. Farmer Chris and Andi head to some place where they are playing pottery and he goes and starts making out with her.

Then back to Andi and the crew where she states that whoever she gives the rose to will go on with a one on one date and the rest of the guys will go home.

Poor Dylan who wants that rose so bad just does not see this one coming. You don’t even see a one on one with her and Dylan.

I felt like Chris said he was falling in love with her just to get a rose.

Nick seems to be a bit over confident. But at the same time he expresses this uncertainty about her feelings towards him. As soon as he got the rose, there was the over confidence again. I don’t know. He just doesn’t seem sincere.

So the guys run back to the hotel to vent to Marcus and Josh while Andi and Nick spend some time making out and watching fireworks….blah blah blah.

When Nick comes back all the guys are sitting there not saying a word while Josh is sitting there with an attitude shuffling about.

School teacher Brian confronts Nick about his real intentions and he’s not being sincere, because he watched the entire Desiree season so he had one up on how the whole entire process goes.

I’m surprised that no one feels that way about Josh. But here’s the thing about Josh, he’s a man’s man. So he can go under the radar and not be pointed out as a player or has ill intentions. Because Nick let his over confidence ride him, he looks bad and you know what, his intentions may be real.

….even though when he said he was the one that was going to end up with Andi was creepy.

At the rose ceremony, Andi took the time out to talk to all the guys as each one professed their love, including Nick who got a rose on the group date.

Who got the roses:
Josh, Marcus and Farmer Chris
Who went home: Brian and Dylan

During the commentary, Brian got upset because he heard laughter and Dylan poured his tears out thinking that Andi was the one. Sorry buddy you can’t be the one if you’re fucking quiet and don’t communicate. I can’t stand that.

What fucking planet is he on?

Some men I’ll tell you…he’s cute but dumb.


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