The Bachelorette – Episode Eight Hometown Dates

The Bachelorette – Episode 8 – Hometown Dates

hometown dates

Andi meets the family of Nick V. Big family first and foremost. This is the time where you get to see the true colors when someone is in their own element.

Andi has a conversation with one of Nick’s sisters regarding his love life and wondering if Andi’s intentions. While she seemed worried at first, it was more emotional on her part gathering that she wants the best for her brother.

There isn’t really much I can say about this hometown date other than it seemed superficial. The father takes Andi to have a conversation but that conversation was not aired…

Then we skip over to Nick and his mom who have a conversation about Andi and how he really feels. Clearly Nick is a broken soul and this is what I see. I don’t see anyone with ill intentions more like a person who is guarded. Which makes sense of his behavior and the arrogance is a cover of how he feels.

On her next date with Farmer Chris who literally lives in the middle of nowhere. But I have to say, I was much impressed with Chris’ house. WOW! He has the hook up!!!!

But…he lives in the middle of nowhere.

After their tractor ride in the middle of his farmland they discuss who she is going to meet and talk about what how she can practice law on that side of town. I think her asking those questions are rightly so but when he offered the town nearby it was as almost if the problem was solved.

Look, let’s put some reality into reality television. We all know that a D.A. will not move into the middle of nowhere. Not for nothing that’s a hard life if you’re used to being around people or having to work around people all the time. While I understand what his mother was saying we all know that Andi will not being marrying Chris.

Moving on to the next date Josh. Now while personally he is not my favorite, it has become clear that he’s Andi’s favorite. Of course he takes her out to the baseball field. Josh started talking about his brother Aaron being drafted and it seems that the relationship is more about his brother than anything else. When Josh teared up seeing his family I was not amused at all. Fake fake FAKE!

The conversation was about football and Aaron’s draft. Forget that Andi is there and why she was meeting his family. The NFL is much more important. I think Andi making excuses for him was just that. When you spend your time with someone that is not worth your time, you make excuses for him. In talking with his mother, it seems that everything relating to her relationship with Josh relates to everyone else. When she was talking to his dad it was the same thing. It was about will you be available to attend Aaron’s game.

Andi, keep dreaming if you’re thinking you will have a family and do things apart from his family. He ain’t cutting the cord anytime soon.

I do not believe that Josh is falling in love with her like he told his mom. This is about having the “perfect” Barbie and that’s all she is.

Moving on her fourth and final date with Marcus and while Andi is clear that Marcus is in love with her, Andi is asking herself if she can catch up with those feelings. Catch up? So you’re falling in love or not…hello this is hometown dates. What the fuck is she talking about catch up? If you’re not feeling that way why the fuck did you pick him for the hometown?

Marcus reenacted his Officer and a Gentleman strip dance which was actually very nice.

Andi talking to Marcus’ sister Kathy was very confusing. She’s talking about Marcus’ feelings and falling in love so fast but yet liking that he’s forward about his feelings and how she needs to catch up on those feelings. But yet Andi kept Josh because she was waiting for him to “catch up”.

I’m not the Bachelorette and I don’t ever foresee myself in such a stupid situation. I would like to date one guy that would take me around the world and back. I think Andi going on these hometowns and meeting these families and basically being full of shit because she knows at the end of the day one is going home and she’s pretty much made up her mind on who is going home.

In this episode Chris Harrison shares of Eric Hill’s death which I will discuss in a separate blog.

So I will skip that part and move on to the rose ceremony on what happens.

I was truly shocked. As she handed out the roses, first one being Josh, the other Chris (why Chris?) and when it went down to Nick and Marcus, I’m sure everyone was swearing that Nick was the one that was going home and Marcus would get the rose….nope. Not at all.

So while I was screaming at the television, here is the reason why I believe Andi picked the guys that she picked.

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