The Bachelorette – Episode Four – All About Eric

The Bachelorette Episode Four All about Eric

So this episode concentrated towards the end on Eric because this would be the last episode he would be on and never seeing “The Men Tell All”

But lets start from the beginning.

Andi goes on a one on one with Dylan. Their date is a steam train ride. It seemed awkward because he’s quiet and doesn’t say much. It must be a Boston thing.

He finally talks about what happened to his brother and sister in regards to their drug overdoses and how it affected he and his family. While this is all sad, and believe me I empathized, this is the kind of thing that can drive a wedge in any potential relationship. I think it happened with Meredith Phillips in the Bob Guiney season. A relative of hers had past away and she was boo hooing the whole time. Clearly this wasn’t going to work out and when she became the Bachelorette number two she was only picking the guy who was the cutest but clearly there was no chemistry there at all.

I think Dylan has a lot to resolve and clearly is not ready to be in any kind of relationship as cute as he is.

The group date was pretty interesting.

Who: JJ, Farmer Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Tasos, Barnacle Cody, Brian, Patrick and Josh.

Now while all these men have egos to adhere, I don’t think anyone has a bigger ego than Josh. In their basketball game it was the winning team gets to spend more time with Andi, of course the team Josh was on lost. I don’t think anyone savored that pleasurable moment more than me. Typical middle of the season pick where men are pitted against one another.

During the one on one time after the game, Andi and Eric have some time and one of her concerns is that she does know Eric very well. Eric was expressing concern that everything seemed so great in the beginning and now Andi is just a stranger and she wasn’t giving him signs.

Josh on the other side of things was reeling that he lost the game like he has claims on Andi. What a jerk…please tell me you’re seeing this too.

I can’t see her and Brian together at all.

Then she making out with Nick with her tongue all in his mouth but Brian gets the rose. #Confused

Here is the part I don’t get. How are you hugging up on some guy and making out with him in a fucking corner but give the rose to someone entirely different.

Marcus got the next one on one date the next day and of course it’s the climbing over something date where somewhere in the middle of the fucking air they make out.

Um I think it was cute in the first Spiderman….it’s now a tired thing on the Bachelor/Bachelorette commodity.

Needless to say, I think that Marcus and Andi fit well together.

I think he will be the last man standing (and I haven’t cheated on the reality Steve site either) but this is what I think will happen in the end, she will choose him.

Yes, he did get the rose on this date and so did Dylan on his date and Brian for the group date.

The rose ceremony Eric and Andi had words with each other. The scene played out that Eric was not happy with the fact that Andi was not “present” in their relationship and he was trying to understand what had gone wrong.  But then it got heated when he accused her of acting for the camera and having a poker face.

With all do respect, the fact was Andi was not into Eric. And while he said beautiful things about love and wanting to be in love, it seemed though that he was not ready only because of the way he acted towards her. Now, one can call it anger or resentment, who knows. He was just too angry in my book. And sad that that was the last conversation they had.

With no rose ceremony shown on television that night, after Andi and her outburst on, “if ya’ll are real and if ya’ll don’t want to be here, ya’ll ya’ll ya’ll….” Yeah we got it.

The one that went home in this episode. Tasos. Bye Tasos, Good night. Bye Bye. SMH. Don’t even give him a proper send off.

Andi and Chris Harrison had a sit down to discuss Eric but that was also a Goodnight moment for me.

Clearly the rest of the guys got a rose, including Barnacle Cody.

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,



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