The Bachelorette Andi – Episode One

After watching the first episode of the Andi season I think this season’s bachelorette will be quite interesting.

Let’s get started with the first impression rose. It took me by surprise but as a viewer and not physically being there, the editors are choosing what you watch so technically we don’t know how much time she spent getting to know them. Always make makes me wonder how fast she gets to know their names she must write them down on the list and the producers read the means back to her during the rose ceremony.

Nevertheless her first impression rose went to Nick V. He seems kind of dorky but looking at the future episodes since he seems to be one of the guys that makes it to the next several rounds he’s a dorky kind of cute. It’s funny how they bring out that rose when everyone seems to be settling in comfortably in that manson and then the competitive nature begins.
Now lets fast forward to the rose ceremony who she chose and my favorite and not favorite contenders.
Cody, the personal trainer that was acting like he was pushing the limo was just dumb. Personal trainers  (not all so don’t get your undies in a bunch) are full of themselves plus he’s not that cute acting like he was pushing the car was just stupid. He was all out of breath too which didn’t make a personal trainer look good.
Ron-  I’m confused he seemed to technical. Loosen up! I just don’t see it. On top of that, lets be real how many of the black contenders make it to the top four….Um none. I still believe most are only chosen to make for good TV. I did like Marquel but we all know at some point they are going to go home.

She picked Craig who seems to have stalker tendencies.

Bradley the opera singer – my whole thing is the only way that relationship will last is if he kept singing.

Brett – did she pick him because he had to return the lamp?

My fave contenders:

Dylan – for two reasons one he’s hot and two he’s from Boston. Anyone who has visited Boston this is where the hot guys reside.

Tasos – he’s not really eye candy but because he seems caring and considerate – the gesture he did with the lock as they do in Paris could be a start to something new at the bachelor house.

Eric would have been the ideal guy unfortunately he is no longer with us in this life may he rest in peace.
Guys I’m glad she did not pick:
Jason –  A bartender and that hair. Enough said.
Josh B. – What the hell was he crying about? He just met the girl!
Mike – Another one with the hair.

Now for the juicy portion. Chris from the Emily season comes in with a bouquet of roses for Andi. He’s stopped by security claiming he has to meet her. Has to? He was coming off a bit obsessive but who hasn’t.

When one of the golfers came running over he promised to get Chris Harrison to talk to him. When Harrison did arrive he really wasn’t very welcoming which begs me to believe that there was definitely something more going on then just Chris being turned away.
Why was it that Chris Harrison was so not into having a little bit of drama and/or controversy on the show when it seems that is what the show is driven by.
While Harrison assured Chris that he would talk to Andi, what I wasn’t expecting was the way Harrison had presented Chris to Andi. That he had been on the show before during the Emily season and he was on the bachelor pad almost as if he was some kind of failure for not finding a relationship.
Why would Chris Harrison throw him under the bus as if every season ended with a happy ending. Everyone who hasn’t found love basically joined an orgy fest of people who have been on previous shows and basically all fucking each other. So I’m curious to know what made this situation different?
Chris Harrison is not only the host of the show, as he initially started off,  but he has become the “advisor” of the show. Funny how he has garnered that title considering that once upon a time he was married but now is part of the orgy fest. Wasn’t he the one being accused by Rozlyn (when she was asked to leave the show) and I believe another women in a previous season a while back although I can’t remember her name but I do remember writing an article about her in my magazine @KinkEMagazine – both accusing Harrison of having his cake and eating it too.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that Chris Harrison is now a single man.
That’s not to say that Chris Harrison cannot be a good adviser I’m sure that he could but considering what he did with Chris I kind of lose respect for him in that regard.
Getting back to the “Emily season” Chris, he claimed he spent seven days waiting to find out when they were going to shoot the new season.  I am sure that he is in contact with somebody in the show that he let him know that they were going to be taping soon.  If Reality Steve knows who chooses who at the end I’m sure it wouldn’t have been hard for Chris to get info on what dates the taping would take place.
My whole thing was why was he treated like a problem child?
If I were Andi, I would have not listened to Harrison, but in the same breath I can understand why she said what she said maybe it is nice to start off on new season with a whole new season of men and no one from the past.
At the end of the day for me Chris Harrison was just dead wrong in saying what he said. While it’s still would have made good for TV he didn’t and allow Andi to make a choice for herself.
Makes me wonder what part of the gutter Chris Harrison’s mind is for this season.
While I never have faith in anyone finding real true love in this type of atmosphere, The Bachelor never fails to amuse me with it’s stupidity of mindless dreams and hopes and the fabulous vacation fantasies that make you feel like you’re falling in love until the end of the show, when the cameras are off and real life settles in.
Who made the cut: Nick V., Eric, Marquel, Craig, Tasos, Brian, Bradley, Marcus, Andrew, Ron, Carl, Chris, Dylan. Brett, Patrick, Cody and Nick.
Until then.
Marabelle Blue

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