Bullying vs Cruelty

Remember the movie Cruel Intentions? Other than  Ryan Phillippe being extremely juicy in the movie, the movie had a lot of outright cruel intentions didn’t it?

So I’m bringing this topic up because someone on my FB list gave me something to think about regarding how the word bullying is being loosely used and maybe the correct term isn’t bullying but just being a cruel individual. I didn’t care to follow the comments because then you have everyone commenting about their children and honestly I can care less. Not because it’s a child because this is more about about the adults.

So lets analyze.

Lets use the Housewives generations for example. Several times I have heard the word bully use in RHOBH, RHOC and even the Jersey Housewives. So why the word bullying as oppose to cruel?

Is being cruel a harsh word? Maybe people are afraid to be compared with people like Joan Crawford, who supposedly abused her child while living in a humble mansion. Or maybe that person at work who you dread seeing when you know they are going to come out of the side of their face with a comment that will embarrass you.

I will give you a perfect example. I had a friend named Stacy who lives out West who claimed she loved me. Boy oh boy she would climb mountains for me….but there was  that one thing, that thing she would do out in public the need to disclose something personal about me to a total stranger that not only embarrassed me  but where to hide my face?

Bullying or just being cruel? You be the judge.

When I think of someone being cruel I only think of what that person needs to ascertain or satisfy is one thing, The EGO.

Why did she feel the need to constantly embarrass me in front of people that I will never see again? The answer is simple. EGO.

Why do people buy twitter followers? Ego. Nothing more than the mere satisfaction that you bought your way up into “fame” basically in your own head by exclaiming “look at me”

Can being cruel fit along the lines of bullying, I would say yes. You can’t be one without the other.

Being cruel is just being vindictive and conniving. I don’t believe you can’t be one without the other.


I think we can all agree the cruelty and bullying begin somewhere.

Until then.

Marabelle Blue


  1. May 3, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    When you say “correct term isn’t bullying but just being a cruel individual”, when we are not able to separate the person from the behavior we miss out on a lot. Bulling is a behavior and that can be changed. It’s easy to see beyond the behavior to the scared person inside. That person bullies simply because they where bullied as a child, and they repeat it simply because they were taught to think it’s the way of dealing with stress. So they need to be retaught a better way.

    Your right cyber-bulling comes from an unbalanced ego, it also comes from through a form by which the disconnect of not seeing who you’re talking to, in-other-words most wouldn’t bully if they were face to face. Using a computer to communicate instead of being face to face is as separate as one can possibly be.

    So when we find ourselves in front of children, please be mindful in how we demonstrate our emotional processing.

  2. May 3, 2014 at 11:51 pm

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated 🙂

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