Paying homage to Hayleen 2003-2013

Such a short life for such a sweet cat. When my sister took in a rescue back in 2003 – I expected for her cat Nala and the big orange fur cat to hook up. I didn’t think my sister would realize it but animals are animals and well…however long a cat carries their litter here were five kittens born.

Of course I ran with my video camera to capture the little kittens. There was one with a big orange spot on her head, I already named her Ariel. When it was time to get my Ariel, my sister informed me that I will be taking another one as well. I had a choice of two that were left.

I remember looking at both of the cats and Hayleen (who was nameless then) was this cute little thing and I picked her and took her home with Ariel.

The both have never been separated until Sunday, October 27th when my sister found Hayleen buried in the cat litter box. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know it was terminally wrong.

Without getting into the whole emotional aspect of having her in the hospital and making the sad choice to put her down, I want to remember her and her buddy Pandora who was also in the fold until 2011 when she passed away here with us. Even though her and Ariel were never separated, Hayleen took to my black cat Pandora immediately and from there inseparable. They were also both bad kitties but none the less, I always found them both huddled together somewhere in my apartment.

I never expected to say goodbye to Hayleen the way I had to on Sunday. Which only reminds me that we never have time to say goodbye to anyone as we just assume we will see them the next day.

Just recently I said goodbye to a childhood friend who we also never expected to say goodbye to.

In that moment I felt I was trapped in a box. Not a great feeling. I was having trouble grasping all the memories of Hayleen and wishing the nightmare would end but it didn’t, not until I had to make a choice to make her suffering end and for mine to begin.

I had to say goodbye to Hayleen but her memories of her sweet, unconditional love will always remain and no one can take that from me.

I forgot to mention thank you to so many out there who donated towards her hospital stay and now cremation. YOu can still donate towards her cremation at send to  in lieu of having to tweet it out. Thank you once again. And my Hayleen thanks you too.

hayleen with the ball




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