Didn’t Ask for a Hero

Since I went and opened by big mouth on my break up I found there were lots of losers who were standing in line to date me.

“But Marabelle for real why are yet losers”

Mostly all of the men that have asked me out are currently in relationships. Oh wait, “it’s complicated”.

Why on earth?

Where are the men that respect their women enough to say its not working.

Men who believe they relate to my pain will find themselves in my bed fucking me will live that fantasy for the rest of the lives. What a lot of people don’t know and will know now I can go for long periods of abstinence. I don’t have to have sex. Especially in this day and age where no one cleans themselves properly. I’m a bit of a germaphob. Well a lot. So most men gross me out.

Here’s just a short list of unacceptable qualities: broken teeth, extreme of being overweight where you can’t breath, I don’t want a muscle man but you have to be some what fit, rude behavior, too serious, quick to anger definitely a big NO.

The one thing I see that disturbs most men that they too have is called preference.

I only date white guys. I have zero interested in other races. Not even my own kind.

Sounds harsh doesn’t it? But it’s true. Men do it all the time but they don’t have the balls to say it out loud. If they do they will just be regarded as more than just a dog.

There will always be a “war”, if you will, between men and women with relationships and break ups. But….there will always be love.

We must all believe the right one is out there. I do believe that. I’m also not a fool like most men I’ve encountered think I am.

I’m not available for sex because a man wants to say they had sex with Marabelle Blue.

I’m also not available to slimy men who’s ulterior motives are to try and win me through my business. I’ve dedicated my life to my magazine and while maybe it has cost me to find my one true love it will never take away or lower the standards of what I look for in man.

So men if you’re in a relationship that’s not working its time to be honest with the one you love and yourself.

Rebound is never an answer or the answer. Respect yourself an people will respect you back.

I have made my sacrifices in past relationships that are noted in my autobiography (I hope you love my book).

But today some of those sacrifices I probably won’t live again because of the emotional toll.

My first and foremost importance is to remain happy. Not find happiness. Happiness or being happy should always be a part of your life and if its not ask yourself why. Then….

Change it.

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,

PS: Guys on FB stop emailing me asking me if I’m all right. LOL I don’t need your help for every post I put up.

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