“What the Fuck Just Happened”…Kacie B

I had to watch last week’s The Bachelor again so I can get the full effect of when Kacie B. was sent packing. Watching last night’s show made me understand why. Forgetting it was the three on one dates before Ben picks the two he wants to take back to his family, the “overnight dates”.

After the conversation with her Mom, it put it all into perspective. Their conservative demeanor on how she didn’t want her well over 24 year old daughter not moving in before marriage, had Ben make the decision to respect HER mother’s request and not have Kacie be put into a position where she may not accept the over night date card.

Now, not for nothing. But if my mother pulled shit like that, she would have a lot to answer. Who the hell is anyone to interfere in any relationship and ruin it due to your issues? Of course my mother wouldn’t do that, she knows better. LOL

As much as we respect our parents and their opinions, our family should not be the deciding factor on who we choose to love. Granted I personally may not be happy with the choices my siblings make but if they are ultimately happy, then I am in no place to judge.

Now getting back to this stupid ass show. As the audience, we are the ones looking outside. We’re also watching the edited version because the end of the day, in order to make these shows interesting, the producer has the last say on what gets aired and what stays on the cutting room floor.

As an actress who was on the set of the Sopranos back in 2000 from 4 in the afternoon till the wee hours of 2 am, I know that feeling to have that whole scene I was in be gone. So with that in mind, maybe the producers made Courtney to look like a mean, belligerent drunk model that at the end we are supposed to feel sorry for with her make believe wedding.

It’s funny because when they featured all the ladies as they do in the beginning of the show, I surely do not remember Courtney in a caddy demeanor. Yes she spoke about the jealousy when it comes to modeling but doesn’t that happen in all aspects of business?

Needless to say, here she is and here we are not liking her too much.

If anyone took notice like I did, there was a snarl smirk on Courtney’s face when Ben gave the final rose to Nikki and not Kacie, like maybe most people did. Her smile depicted that she never saw that coming, that Ben would ultimately send her home and her relationship with him would end.

I liked Kacie. She has a sweet smile and an innocence about her that I can appreciate. Not many women I know have that today. It’s all about the tough exterior and this does not include my FemDom alliances, I’m talking about the every day, natural woman, works, lives her life and feels the need to be tough and mean and sometimes fucking rude.

Kacie seems to exude the type of idea woman that men seek. Please bear in mind, this is my opinion from what is being depicted on television. While the producers may have editing control the eyes don’t lie.

While Kacie being confident in her relationship with Ben, her eyes said, I know he will pick me because we have something special and she believed that.

As Ben did have pain in his eyes, it was painfully clear this break up wasn’t about “you’re not the one for me”, this was about Mom interfering because she doesn’t want her good little girl living out of wedlock with a man.

Mom it’s time for you to get with the times…BTW did you see Kacie curse?

Just saying.

As we draw closer to Ben and Courtney’s proposal, I can foresee that Ben will not be the most well like Bachelor and if Lindzi gets chosen as the next Bachelorette after Emily Maynard, then it will be just another bore like what’s her face with the other wine guy. Jen was it?

Yeah…those are my thoughts on The Bachelor.

Until then.


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