The Bachelor – Ben Season Commentary

I have to say first and foremost as I’m working on the new and improved Kink~E Magazine, I’m getting excited at the prospects of writing exactly how I feel. Not too long ago, someone I’ve known for quite sometime, even before the magazine had asked me what happened with the way the magazine was forming and where was I…it seemed that I was lost.

And yes he was right. I was lost. There were so many unnecessary changes it was almost as if someone came and took something that was working just find to fix it and break it. Thankfully it wasn’t that broken that there isn’t anything that couldn’t be repaired. On the contrary, I’ve learned many lessons when someone comes in with “bright ideas”. You can listen to them, it doesn’t mean that you have to do what they say.

That being said, it’s time for me to rip apart The Bachelor (boy do I miss this type of writing).

First off, if anyone is watching this, please tell me you are asking the same questions I am…what the fuck drugs is some of this women on? Courtney clearly is a drunk. Her whole face is drunk. Anyone that looks at her can see that, anyone that is except Ben. Then there’s Elyse….um why is she still there? Clearly there isn’t a drop of chemistry between the two. Moving on to Blakeley, other then looking like a life size camel, can someone tell me what the hell is a VIP Hostess? Second the woman was hugging up on Monica on day one and now Monica hates her. By the way can someone tell me why Monica is still there?

The girl who drove in a horse Lindzi, should be worried. She received the first impression rose and didn’t have a one on one, that is until Brittney who was supposed to have a one one with him did the only thing a real woman would do was walk away when she didn’t feel that this was the way she wanted to pursue a relationship. In the scope of being locked up on a room with caddy women acting like Ben is the last man on earth, I think Brittney made the best adult choice I have seen in a long time of watching various seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

I could have sworn I read a comment somewhere earlier this evening about the women not being great choices for this season. Whoever said that, Kudos! You’re right. Out of twenty five women, three of them I can clearly see they have their head on their shoulders AND a career. Courtney has neither. Does she realize that women who used to be models have built a career in other ways than the runway or camera? (cough cough Hedi Klume)

Look not every one can be or will be the next Heidi Klume, I like her. She’s done well for herself.

And then Shawntel. *Shaking my head* girl what were you thinking? If Ben had any interest in you, he wouldn’t have joined the show in the first place! How many times did you guys talk? Did you ever meet? Go out on a date? Look if the man had ANY interest, we would be watching someone else right now. Clearly, (like one man I do know) there is no interest. Even if there was, he would have given that final rose up and he wouldn’t have cared how it would have effected the other women there. After all look at the way Elyse reacted. You would have thought she had sex with Ben just a few hours earlier the way she was carrying on and they haven’t even kissed yet (unless I missed something).

Elyse will be caught up in one of those two on one dates and probably be sent home packing.

And now for my greatest disappointment Jenna….honey what the fuck happened? A relationship blogger, living in the “greatest” (and I use the term loosely) city, New York City. A place where there aren’t really a lot of men to meet and have a real relationship with.

What was all the crying about? Why did you let someone like Monica get to you? What a disappointment. I can hear Chris Harrison now after he plays the assorted footage of your short stint there, all tears and talking nothing but gibberish, “Come join me in the hot seat”….*Shaking my head again*

What can I say. It’s 1:41pm. I feel good about finally letting all of this out.

I’m not done. LOL

It’s amazing what happens when you put a group of women together in a reality television series. Mike Wells must be sitting pretty a top of his mountain, laughing at the women who are pining and fighting over one man. Or are they just fighting for the notoriety and the fame.

In real life, not all women that come together behave in this fashion, however, not all women, especially the ones that I have come to know, sometimes do not have their heads in the right place.  I’m not one to have drama, and I don’t invite it. I’m like Brittney. If you want to behave crazy, do it by yourself. Obviously you were doing a good job at it before I came along and it won’t make a difference if I’m not around to witness it.

I think it’s just sad that women are depicted with such craziness as if we don’t have enough of that going on in the world.

Earlier today as I was blocking three people I wish them not to view my twitter feed, I caught some stuff from this one particular person making serious accusations at someone without solid proof. While I will spare the details, I will say this. Once you write something and put it out there for the world to see, you can’t take it back. Like me calling Blakeley a life size camel. (yes I did say it again deliberately). Needless to say, it’s amazing how people reading this garbage will just follow along and agree, again, with ZERO prove other than one person’s resentment.

For my own sanity, personally and business wise, I chose not to interact with this person for a variety of reasons that seriously concerned me and how it would effect my business as a whole.

There’s a reason why our mothers, fathers or whoever raised us, read us bedtime stories. If we listened closely, there was always a moral to every story. Just because it came in sheep’s clothing’s it doesn’t mean there’s a wolf behind it. And it he or she show’s you the wolf first…look out for the things that will suck you dry of all the good energy you have.

Those are called, my dear KinkESters….DEMENTORS!

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,


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