What trends do you see emerging in the Kink world?

Good question. I think we have a more mature generation coming in and taking over the Kink world in the sense that there is more education becoming available, people are taking it more seriously and pushing the novelty or the novelist out. Too many fakers are lingering around. Holding a whip in your hand does not make you a Dom/Dominatrix by any means necessary. There is a LOVE for the lifestyle that people must have in order to make your fetish life work for you. Education is the key and the big trend I see happening for the Kink world. Just because you know your craft, doesn’t mean you’ve learned it all. I’m actually looking forward to the mature generation, the "oldies" and those who have experience who have been hiding our of sheer disgust for those who have tainted the fetish life and realizing they are not alone in their journey. This will be a great year for the Kink/Fetish World. 🙂

Whatever your heart desires…

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