Being naughty

I have to say that I’ve been keeping a secret about someone and it’s something that I cannot disclose. However, I can say and that I have very dirty fantasies about this person as I’m sure every woman I know following him does. I only hope that he realizes that a lot of the women hitting on him is just out for personal gain and nothing more than that. For me it’s more of lust and a strong interest of relationship. I have had dirty texts with him and I want to be able to live out those dirty fantasies with him. I envision myself straddling on top of him, sticking my tongue way deep down his mouth as I grind on top of him. I remember meeting him once before and his scent drove me insane and it was the scent only a woman can smell and it will only give off to the woman he wants.  I want to ride him and feel him deep inside of me. The thoughts drive me crazy.

On the flip side to my fantasy thoughts about this man, I contacted someone today that maybe I shouldn’t have contacted. But I am missing and craving the touch of a man it’s been so long. I know that this person will fulfill some of the fantasy but for me it will solely be a fantasy and nothing more. For him it’s more than just that….and I have to tread carefully with this one. He does know how to please me and serve me. If the snow is not so bad, perhaps I will see him. I’m not sure yet. There’s work to be done and so little time for play.

I don’t keep in contact with him for the sole reason is that he is in love with me and I’m not in love with him but when I do contact him, he wastes no time in responding and that’s what I like in a man. I have very little patience for men who think they are who they are and I’m here waiting for them.

Let it be known, I wait for no man….

Until then. Loves and Hugs,


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